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SAP Security Check

Claranet's SAP Security Check identifies, describes and evaluates security vulnerabilities in your SAP systems within three days.

Scope and prices

SAP Security Check

SAP systems inherently have a very high level of security. But security knows no limits: companies constantly have to adapt to new cyberattacks and changing IT risks. Only regular security checks ensure that your SAP systems actually meet the current requirements.

Claranet's SAP Security Check identifies, describes and evaluates security vulnerabilities in your SAP systems within three days. The security strategy developed on this basis guarantees the sustainable secure operation of the SAP systems and documents the high level of security for audits and external bodies. This makes the SAP Security Check the ideal introduction to a modern security strategy for SAP systems.

Your benefits

  • Reduced risk of cyberattacks
  • Proactive protection of business-critical resources
  • Reduced administrative burden through security standards
  • Presentable documentation for management and auditing
  • Improved credit rating (Basel III)
  • Minimised liability risk


  • Security analysis of the SAP systems

  • Documentation of vulnerabilities and risk assessment

  • Presentation and discussion of the results of the analysis

  • Measures and recommendations for the immediate improvement of security

Information about the CBS "SAP Security Check"

Information about the CBS "SAP Security Check"

  • Review of your current security level:
    • to check security compliance of up to three SAP systems (e.g. DEV, QAS and PRD)
    • to check compliance with security guidelines and specifications in SAP Business Suite systems (ERP, BW, CRM, etc.): at operating system and database level, during installation, in transport management, in the authorisation concept, in the integration of in-house developments, in the integration of web functionalities and in internal and external accesses
  • We create detailed documentation and present the results of the security check to you.
  • Depending on the priority of the identified defects, we recommend immediate emergency response measures.
  • We advise you on further steps to achieve an up-to-date level of security.

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  • We conduct a security assessment to analyse the entire technical environment of SAP NetWeaver: network, operating system, database and the security mechanisms implemented in the SAP systems.
  • Existing vulnerabilities are documented in a detailed report.
  • Together, we develop a strategy for the secure operation of your SAP systems.

Scope & costs


Duration: 3 days

Price: 4.500 EUR

Price: 5.625 CHF