Your Kubernetes clusters are analysed in detail for possible misconfigurations and potential vulnerabilities

Kubernetes has become a de-facto-standard for running container workloads. Despite its explosive growth and widespread adoption, it is still a multi-layered technology with many nuances, from operations to developer experience. Deploying Kubernetes environments is extremely complex and requires significant expertise to ensure optimal operations.

Kubernetes Assessment Leistungsumfang

Scope of services
5 analysis fields

  • Resource utilisation

  • Cluster design

  • Best practices

  • Security

  • Misconfigurations

You will receive:

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Assessment report

The result of the assessment is presented in a detailed report that summarises the individual findings of the areas reviewed.

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Recommendations for action

In addition, recommendations for action are given for each individual area.

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In order to clearly communicate the findings and their significance, a Claranet Kubernetes expert will give a final presentation of the report results.

Example from the assessment report:
Kubernetes Performance Map

Beispiel: Kubernetes Performance Map

As part of the Kubernetes assessment, we provide targeted optimisation recommendations and individual solution proposals for your Kubernetes environment. You benefit from our in-depth expertise in the design, setup, operation and change planning of Kubernetes. We also offer you customised implementation support and comprehensive consulting.

Claranet: your ideal partner for the future-oriented development and dynamic evolution of your existing and new Kubernetes environments.

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Benefits of a Kubernetes assessment from Claranet:

  • Efficient operation of your Kubernetes clusters
  • Increased security of your system environment
  • Minimisation of potential downtimes
  • Optimised business operations
  • Reduction of performance losses