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Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Combine the benefits of different cloud models. Whether private, public or on-premises, we offer you the right platform for your requirements integrated into a hybrid full solution.

Tailored infrastructure for your applications

With Claranet as your hybrid cloud provider, you get a secure and flexible cloud solution that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Benefits of a hybrid cloud solution


React to new business requirements cost-efficiently and quickly with flexible IT.


Your business secrets are safe thanks to proven security processes and the latest technology.


Optimal cooperation throughout the entire lifecycle with our proven service management model.

Our Hybrid Cloud Services at a glance

  • Hybrid cloud for hybrid IT requirements
  • More flexible IT with tailored hybrid cloud models
  • Integration of private cloud, public cloud and your company IT
  • Successive transition of classic IT to cloud-enabled IT
  • Ideal basis for all kinds of workloads, such as e-commerce, portals/content management systems, backup and disaster recovery, big data or development and testing
  • Optimised operating costs without big investments in hardware
  • Uniting security, agility and control

Our framework for hybrid solutions

Claranet Managed Services Framework


Delivery with SysOps is a traditional IT service management approach that concentrates on the lifecycle management of infrastructure, server and application instances.


By using DevOps principles, Claranet CloudOps makes your systems more reliable by combining modern cloud concepts with Infrastructure as Code.

Hybrid cloud – secure, flexible and affordable

The hybrid cloud brings together the use of IT resources in the company with those in a hosted private cloud and the public cloud. As such, it offers companies optimal conditions depending on their requirements for compliance, data security, data load and staff resources. Business-critical data and applications, for example, can be hosted on-premises or in a private cloud.

The flexible infrastructure of a public cloud provider can be used for applications with strict scalability and performance requirements. The greatest benefits of hybrid cloud infrastructures are not only increased flexibility and improved scalability but also an optimised cost structure and the use of technological innovation potential.

Hybrid cloud infrastructures are often useful when the various IT requirements can no longer be met on-premises. They allow companies to host resources on different platforms as required and combine them flexibly.

Development and operation of new applications in particular are often moved to the public cloud to take advantage of its scalability, flexibility and global range. At the same time, there are often numerous applications in companies that are not yet cloud-ready and still need to be adapted or replaced.

A hybrid cloud architecture makes it possible to directly use the benefits of the public cloud and migrate older applications to the cloud step by step. This ensures seamless integration of the new platforms into the existing infrastructure without neglecting the company’s ability to innovate.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions are suitable for companies looking for a solution that is available for projects at short notice and can be adapted flexibly. What’s more, complex and large-scale projects that can no longer be implemented with the old on-premises infrastructure can be realised cost-effectively.

The benefits of Claranet

  • Infrastructure models and management levels that meet your individual needs
  • Business SLA
  • 24/7 German and English-speaking support