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Our Managed Cloud Services offer you resource-efficient and reliable management of your business-critical cloud infrastructure – flexible and adapted to your development practices.

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Managed Cloud Services – smooth business processes thanks to a stable IT infrastructure

Ensuring permanent availability of an IT infrastructure is complex and requires a lot of experience, knowledge and technological resources. As an experienced provider of Managed Cloud Services, we are at your side at all times to operate, support and optimise your environment.

The classic managed services also need to be guaranteed in full in agile cloud environments. This lowers your operating costs and enables you to focus your IT capacities on both core tasks and innovations. Along with this, we ensure high performance, stability and security of your applications.

Thanks to our detailed knowledge in this area, we take on management of your cloud using the following services:

Managed Cloud Services – everything from a single source

  • Professional and personal service management: Claranet offers a Service Management Model with different levels to fit the project scale and your specific project requirements.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) up to application level: Detailed service descriptions, clear communication channels as well as transparent error and problem management ensure the best possible availability as well as reliability. We develop a tailor-made SLA with you.
  • Transition Services: Rehosting, replatforming and refactoring are our daily business. Through our Managed Cloud Services, we provide you with our expert knowledge and experience from many projects at every stage of your undertaking.
  • Cloud readiness analysis: Is your company ready to move to the cloud? We answer this important question by performing a detailed and in-depth analysis of the current status. Based on this, we develop a customised recommendation for action and the next steps.
  • DevOps: In order to be innovative and competitive in the long term, the step towards DevOps is a central building block for success. The close cooperation between Development and Operations requires not only a rethink but also the introduction of new business processes. The resulting short development cycles and the high degree of innovation justify the effort beforehand.
  • German-speaking support around the clock: Our experienced specialists are at your side 24/7 in all matters. The focus is on smooth operation and ultimately your business success.
  • DevOps and ITIL best practices: Digital business models and modern IT infrastructures may call for both classic and innovative concepts, depending on the requirements. With our Managed Cloud Services, Claranet offers you both: a traditional approach as well as agile processes for the operation of your IT infrastructure.
  • Monitoring and reporting: The availability and performance of your cloud infrastructure and its applications are monitored in real time by comprehensive monitoring options. Critical irregularities are detected proactively and addressed early on in order to avoid damage. Versatile reporting tools ensure maximum transparency and enable rapid adaptation to changing circumstances.

High-performance, stable and secure – many customers demand these criteria and we are happy to fulfil them with our Managed Cloud Services. As part of this, we leave nothing to chance and also keep an eye on compliance, security and governance.

Claranet Managed Cloud Services Framework

Claranet Managed Services Framework

The Claranet Managed Cloud Services Framework forms the basis for efficient operation of your cloud platform using our Cloud Hosting Service. The current development status of your environment is decisive for the implementation. Our experts will advise you on which operating model is the right one for you. Mode 1, Mode 2 and a Bimodal environment are available as options. This allows the management of both your traditional and your cloud-native workloads.


Provision with SysOps is a traditional IT service management approach that concentrates on the lifecycle management of infrastructure, server and application instances.


By using DevOps principles, Claranet CloudOps makes your systems more reliable by combining modern cloud concepts with Infrastructure as Code.

IT management models

Mode 1

Mode 1 is ideal for projects primarily concerned with the maintenance, stability and performance of the existing infrastructure. The focus is on traditional development cycles with less attention paid to innovation. Claranet SysOps is designed for Mode 1.

Mode 2

Mode 2 covers development projects that help to make the company stand out with their innovative approach. They require fast implementation, modern structures and frequent adjustments. Claranet CloudOps is designed for Mode 2.


The Bimodal IT strategy allows rapid application development with a high level of innovation on the one hand, while also delivering the classic maintenance and stabilisation of existing systems. It’s a profitable combination of Mode 1 and Mode 2.

Claranet’s Managed Cloud Services bring you the following benefits

Find out about the benefits of our Managed Cloud Services for yourself:

  • You save on resources: There is less pressure on your IT department as it no longer has to take care of its own infrastructure operations.
  • You are at the cutting edge of technology: Claranet always keeps your environment up to date. As part of our Managed Cloud Services, we carry out maintenance and updates. You benefit from our in-depth expertise.
  • You receive individual solutions: Whether Mode 1, Mode 2 or Bimodal – in collaboration with you, we analyse your needs and align our Cloud Services accordingly.
  • You can react faster to changes: Our Service Management Team provides you with competent IT contacts who respond flexibly and individually to your requirements.
  • You benefit from monitoring, reports and services: We take care of the entire process. Regular reports keep you up to date at all times.

Gartner recognition

Positioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants every year since 2013. We currently appear in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Centre Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services, and their Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services, Europe.

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Further information

Shared responsibility

In the public cloud, you are responsible for the operation and security of your own infrastructure environment and the systems, applications, services and data operated on it. Claranet can relieve you of this responsibility.

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IT project management

It takes experience to implement complex projects successfully – and this is especially true in IT. Claranet is your partner and will accompany you through the entire process with professional project management.

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Service management

For successful operation of your cloud environment, you not only need reliable systems and robust processes, but also competent IT contacts who can address your requirements individually and flexibly.

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