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Log as a Service : Oh, My Log !

An SaaS platform built and operated by cloud and data experts to simplify utilisation of your logs

All You Need is Log...

Centralise, aggregate, explore, utilise and visualise your logs

There are multiple sources of logs (multi cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SI, internal applications, network equipment), and so on. On average, a company collects 238 million logs every day but only analyses 33 % of them (1).

Claranet has built a secure, reliable and certified solution to collect, centralise and explore its internal logs and those of its customers.

Oh, My Log ! is a service based on an SaaS platform built and operated by data experts, coupled with customised support to manage the work necessary to build a state-of-the-art log database.

Day-to-day, this service can be complemented by support from our Data & Analytics experts and by the work of our DevOps/SecOps experts, who can help you solve your operational problems.

(1): Source Programmez.com

Use cases

Improve security levels

  • Identify an attack
  • Qualify a threat (SIEM)
  • Control access to your IT system
  • Compliance

Quality of service

  • Identify the source of an error quickly
  • Trace an error in the use of a service
  • Real-time alerting / proactivity
  • Auto-healing on critical logs

Business KPIs

  • Impact on SEO (crawling Google bots)
  • Audience measurement
  • Measure the effect of actions taken (site, performance, etc.)
  • Data mining / data analytics

Oh, My Log! enables Claranet customers to benefit from its managed Logs as a Service solution as well as support from data and DevSecOps experts, and to focus on their core business.

    Collection and aggregation

  • Support for all logs: JSON and Syslog format
  • Log indexing: Log breakdown and formatting for easier searching.
  • Automated parsing: Automatic processing of your logs
  • Data aggregation: Aggregate all your log data (infrastructure, application, service)


  • Powerful search: Combined, instant and filtered search to quickly identify the source of an error for debugging purposes
  • 30-day retention: Retrieve up to 30 days of logs and one year of archived logs
  • Cross analysis
  • Monitoring and alerting: Set error thresholds for your application and service logs


  • Customisable and shareable dashboard: Customise your dashboard to make work easier for your teams, or to share with business teams
  • Customised reporting: Create bespoke reports for your business or management teams

Claranet helps you make the right choices for centralising, aggregating, exploring and utilising data

  • +1200 technical experts
  • +140 engineers certified in the public cloud
  • +100 data customers
  • Multi-cloud experts in AWS, Azure, Google CP, OVH
  • +80 experts in data development, ingestion and processing
  • Customised support
  • Security and compliance expertise
  • 24/7 support