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As an experienced IT service provider, we offer you comprehensive SAP Business Intelligence solutions tailored to your individual requirements. We support you in implementing, optimising and using BI tools to make better decisions based on data.

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SAP Business Intelligence unleashes the power of your data

Under SAP Business Intelligence, SAP combines various tools and components that enable companies to organise, analyse and present business data in addition to collecting and storing it.

SAP BI is used to make decisions based on data and optimise business processes. It offers a range of functions for this, including reporting, analysis, dashboarding, data integration and data quality. Our highly qualified consultants and experienced teams of experts support you in successfully implementing the best possible BI solution for your company.

Together we develop the appropriate tools from the SAP BI portfolio. We also draw on the years of experience of Kheto Consulting, which is part of the Claranet Group. We attach great importance to comprehensive all-round support, from strategic orientation to individual consulting and implementation, right through to operational management and support.

In addition, we ensure the smooth and user-friendly integration of data from different sources and its evaluation in the systems of SAP and other providers.

Our services for SAP Business Intelligence

Vorschaubild SAP Analytics Services

SAP Analytics

Dashboarding and standard reporting are classic business intelligence tools from IT. Self-Service BI, on the other hand, enables departments to analyse data independently and visualise it in an agile manner. This takes business analytics to the next evolutionary level.

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Vorschaubild SAP Business Warehouse Services

SAP Business Warehouse

Data is the foundation for business-relevant decisions. To enable you to make these decisions better and faster, and to optimise business processes, we support you in implementing and optimising your SAP Business Warehouse System.

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Some examples of how SAP Business Intelligence is used

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SAP BI enables companies to collect and analyse financial data from various sources to make decisions for optimising financial performance.

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Sales & Marketing

Companies can use SAP BI to merge data from different marketing and sales channels to gain valuable insights about their target audience and optimise their marketing strategies.

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Production and supply chain

SAP BI helps companies collect and analyse data from their production and supply chain processes in order to identify bottlenecks and potential areas for improvement.

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Companies can use SAP BI to collect and analyse HR data from various sources in order to gain insights into employee performance, commitment and satisfaction, and optimise HR strategies.

Claranet Icon SysOps


Companies can use SAP BI to collect and analyse technological data from various sources to identify potential areas for improvement in IT processes, systems and applications.

Claranet Icon Compliance


SAP BI helps companies collect and analyse data from various sources in order to identify and minimise risks and compliance breaches.