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Penetration Testing Services give you an accurate status report of your corporate security

Identify your organisation’s cybersecurity strengths and blind spots so you can address the real technical risk across the entire attack surface before attackers do.

Advantages of working with Claranet:

  • Fast ability to deliver with over 70 pentesters worldwide

  • +10,000 days per year of penetration testing at our clients’ sites

  • Over 25 years of experience

  • Only customised, handmade, manual penetration testing

  • Internal pentesting team with a high skill level

  • Founding member of CREST

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Penetration Testing Services for accurate results

Pentesting is not a panacea, but with carefully planned objectives and an experienced team conducting the tests, you can ensure that your cybersecurity strategy is working.

Claranet’s penetration tests are conducted manually, using concrete findings and success indicators, so you get real results

  • Get assurance about the cybersecurity level of your applications and your IT environments.
  • Evaluate the success of your service processes.
  • Identify areas in your cybersecurity strategy that need further security testing and investment.
  • Meet the requirements of ISO 27001 and the GDPR.
  • Create an inventory of cyber risk.

We rely on many years of pentesting expertise

Penetration testing has to be a considerable part of your cybersecurity strategy. Working with a dedicated and experienced provider makes all the difference.

We have been doing this for over 25 years and are, among other things, a founding member of CREST and one of the largest training partners at Black Hat.

Our testers are passionate experts in their field. They produce independent analyses and hold training courses and lectures around the world.

Our many years of expertise working with the cloud and networks are incorporated into our penetration tests and enable us to respond individually to your requirements.

We employ a reliable team of in-house penetration testers who meet specific training and development standards. This way we guarantee a high technical level and service orientation.

Do I need a penetration test?

Penetration testing provides a pinpoint assessment of the security of your IT and your cybersecurity strategy at a given point in time. A solid cybersecurity strategy should include at least one penetration test every six months.

When is a penetration test necessary?

  • In response to current security incidents
  • When developing new applications and products
  • In preparation for compliance audits
  • As part of the path to digital transformation
  • For your brand protection and good publicity
  • Assessing the risk of mergers and acquisitions
  • If you adopt an existing cybersecurity strategy

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Our penetration tests

Web applications

Web applications are permanently available to hackers and are filled to the brim with data, making them an attractive target.

Mobile apps

With the enormous spread of mobile applications, the need for reliable security tests to protect systems and data is also increasing.


The main goal is to find vulnerabilities in the infrastructure that could serve as entry points into private areas of your network.

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Other consulting services

Penetration Testing as a Service

Continuous security testing uses 24/7/365 automated vulnerability monitoring and targeted manual analysis to provide detailed, real-time, risk-graded reports on the systems and vulnerabilities in your internal and external attack surface.

Incorporated into a proactive patching and remediation plan, as well as the overall Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), these insights can help reduce the risk window between individual strategic penetration tests.

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Red Teaming

Unlike penetration testing, which aims to uncover all of a system’s vulnerabilities, Red Teaming focuses on a specific target linked to the cyber kill chain to show whether an attacker could do the same.

Red team exercises are conducted using a black box testing approach where no information is given about the target company. This allows the test to mimic a real attack from the outside, starting with reconnaissance.

In competitive operations, the client’s own blue (defensive) team will attempt to prevent, detect and respond to the simulated attack.

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Social Engineering

Comprehensive data to help you evaluate the performance of your services and report back to the organisation. Our six-monthly reports include:

Your first line of defence is your employees. Use Social Engineering assessments to train and develop staff, identify areas for improvement and create company-wide enthusiasm for security.

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Code Review

Detect problems in your code before they occur in production. This in-depth security review of your source code uses manual and automated tests to find security vulnerabilities and identify unsafe coding practices.

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What our customers are saying

During our tendering, we found that Claranet provided excellent responses to the questionnaire and also competitive pricing compared to other pen testing companies.

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The service from Claranet is always great, Engineers are very knowledgeable, account management is outstanding, and projects are always delivered on time

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