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Optimally maintained SAP systems are crucial for successful operation. SAP Managed Services are the perfect solution for companies that want to smoothly deploy complex SAP landscapes.

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What if all SAP applications were to run reliably because your key element, your SAP infrastructure, was in competent hands?

Managing SAP systems is laborious and complex. Companies frequently lack the in-house resources required to manage error-free operation and innovation at the same time. Claranet’s SAP Managed Services help you deal with the increasing workload and lack of resources. We operate your complex SAP system landscape with high availability and security.

What distinguishes Claranet’s Managed SAP Services

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Our tried-and-tested solution packages speed up decision-making and can be flexibly adapted to your company’s individual requirements.

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Our specialists have decades of experience in operating SAP solutions on-premises and in the cloud, offering your company considerable added value.

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Focus on the future

The focus of our work is the secure and high-performance operation of your SAP systems. You get the freedom to concentrate on your core business and develop your business innovatively.

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Benefits of Claranet’s SAP Managed Services

Companies in all sectors are facing the challenge of keeping up with increasing workloads while preparing for the future at the same time. It’s a balancing act that somehow has to be overcome.

We will happily support you as a virtual team in your company. Benefit from our extensive knowledge of SAP and Microsoft technologies.

  • We are at your service 24/7
  • Change management by experts
  • High level of compliance
  • Performance optimisation and fine tuning based on many years of experience
  • Service exclusively by SAP-certified employees
  • Extensive SAP training programme

Select the SAP Managed Services package that best suits your company

Our services Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
  • Automated Monitoring
  • SAP Basis Checks
  • Service Level Reporting
  • SAP Performance Checks
  • SAP Security Baseline Checks
  • SAP Security Notes Service
  • SAP EarlyWatch Alert Service
  • Troubleshooting
  • SAP Support Package Stack Upgrade Service
  • Database patching
  • Operating system patching
  • SAP Housekeeping Services
  • SAP System Copies


Our services Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
  • SAP BW specific Basis Checks
  • SAP BW Performance Checks
  • SAP BW Dataload Monitoring
  • SAP BW Query Performance Checks
  • SAP BW specific Upgrade Steps
  • SAP BW Troubleshooting

SAP Fiori+

Our services Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
  • SAP Fiori Frontend Server Checks
  • SAP Fiori Communication Component Checks
  • SAP Fiori Backend Server Checks
  • SAP Fiori App Specific Checks
  • SAP Fiori Troubleshooting

You decide the duration and extent of the services provided

Claranet’s SAP Managed Services packages allow you to determine the extent to which Claranet should take over the management of your SAP solutions for you, in line with your requirements. The various options – from basic services to a fully inclusive package – can also be customised to your needs. This enables us to relieve your own specialists and ensure the smooth operation of your business-critical applications.

Choose from our suggested packages. We would be happy to arrange a chat to provide you with more information on this and to take on board your individual requirements. Compare SAP Managed Services packages (PDF)