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Modern work does not mean simply using the right technology, but also having the ability to think outside the box and see the bigger picture. Take a step into the future with Claranet.

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Modern Workplace – more than just technological change

Many companies are noticing it, some are ignoring it – and lots are implementing it. The working world is changing, both in terms of technology and culture. This didn’t just happen yesterday, but the current trend towards modern working models and the pressure from the acute shortage of skilled workers are presenting IT with major challenges in many places. To enable modern working, existing technologies must be used intelligently and brought up to date. Microsoft now offers lots of tools to enable the modern workplace for employers and employees. Our Microsoft experts have long been familiar with the challenges of the modern workplace and can quickly develop individual solutions for your IT.

Our Modern Workplace services

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Endpoint management

The growing number of mobile workplaces (e.g. working from home) and the wide variety of equipment pose new challenges for client management, which we confront with a modern endpoint manager. With Claranet, you have both your Windows clients and your mobile devices under control.

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Windows 11

Would you like to migrate your company to Windows 11 and ensure that the transition is smooth and efficient? As an experienced IT service provider, we are your reliable partner who supports you throughout the entire migration process.

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Why you should introduce Modern Workplace.

  • Increased productivity: By using modern tools and technologies, employees can work more efficiently and complete their tasks faster.
  • Better collaboration: A modern working environment enables seamless collaboration and communication between employees, regardless of their location. Teamwork and knowledge sharing become easier.
  • Flexibility:Employees can work from anywhere, whether in the office, at home or on the road. This improves the work-life balance and makes it easier to attract talented professionals.
  • Better security: Modern workplace solutions offer advanced security measures to protect corporate data and confidential information.
  • Easy scalability: Companies can easily adapt and expand their infrastructure to meet the demands of their growth.
  • Saves costs: Using cloud services and virtual work environments means that companies can reduce hardware, maintenance and IT support costs.
  • Improved user experience: A modern working environment offers intuitive user interfaces and user-friendly tools that increase employee satisfaction.