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Application modernisation assessment

Unlock the full potential of the cloud

Application modernisation is the first step to achieve and leverage the full potential of cloud computing, to minimise costs and maximise resilience, availability and performance.

Technological innovation and competitiveness are tightly linked. AWS customers worldwide see a 5:1 ratio of benefits to investment costs over five years as a result of modernising their apps. This can generate a ROI of 413%, with the break-even point occurring on average within 10 months.

¹ Known/AWS - Business Value of Cloud Modernization
² IDC Whitepaper - The Business Value of Amazon Web Services

  • 28% revenue growth in modernised organisations ¹
  • 33% reduction in IT infrastructure spend ¹
  • 69% fewer unplanned outages ²
  • 10 months to ROI ²

Application modernisation assessment

Phase 1. Consult

Working closely with the customer and its team, we help identifying realistic objectives before defining the project methodology and timeline. A test segment of the application landscape is then selected for review to identify the benefits, risks, and costs.

Phase 2. Review

Our architects review the application code to inspect its current state, devise the technology roadmap and migration pattern (container/serverless), and establish infrastructure design.

Phase 3. Engage

Our project team will share and discuss the modernisation plan, covering everything from objectives to the roadmap and delivery plan. Upon customer’s approval, the project will commence according to any agreed SLAs.

Our deliverables

  • Defined business objectives.
  • Proposed architecture, technology roadmap, cost estimation.
  • Modernisation strategy plan.