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Would you like to migrate your company to Windows 11 and ensure that the transition is smooth and efficient? As an experienced IT service provider, we are your reliable partner who supports you throughout the entire migration process.

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What distinguishes our Windows 11 consultation

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Individually tailored to your needs and goals: our Windows 11 migration solutions offer customised reactions for your success in the digital future.

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With our expertise in Microsoft, especially Windows rollouts, and our solution-oriented approach, we stand for customer-oriented quality and know-how to make your Windows 11 migration a success.

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Best Practice

We provide ready-made solutions for various requirements that have already proven themselves in practice many times over (e.g. dashboard for tracking rollout progress, application tests or scripts for rapid technical implementation and evaluation).

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Our service management means that you are always informed and have a fixed contact person for the entire time.

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Our experience from a large number of successfully implemented migration projects enables us to master both the technical challenges on the client and administration side as well as confidently overcome the challenges in change management.

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Test management

Do you have lots of critical applications and are not sure whether they will be compatible after a migration? We have a ready-made platform with which you can cover test processes from A to Z. The platform or rather the process can be individually adapted to your needs.

"Consulting in a Box” offers for Windows 11

Consultation at an attractive fixed price: Claranet develops exceptional packages from the best solutions of many projects. These "Consulting in a Box" offers include clearly defined consulting services for clearly defined tasks. We have summarised some of the most common requirements in our boxes, but our offer is not limited to these. Contact us to find out how we can be of help to you.

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Professional preparation of a Windows 11 migration

Would you like to migrate your company to Windows 11 and ensure that the transition is smooth and efficient? With this consulting offer, you can ensure that your migration to Windows 11 will be a success.

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Training courses related to Windows 11

Excellent trainers, a professional learning environment, modern technical equipment as well as strong additional services make Claranet Training unique. The Added Value concept gives you valuable tips and information that go far beyond the content of manufacturers' seminars. With individual price models, such as tandem price, framework agreements or the 6 – 3 – 0 staggered price, we offer our customers the best IT training at an attractive and high-output price.

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Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administration

In this seminar, participants learn to plan and execute an endpoint deployment strategy using current deployment techniques and implement update strategies. They are introduced to the essential elements of modern management, approaches for co-management and the integration of Microsoft Intune.

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Teaserbild: Training Microsoft Endpoint Management

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

In this training course you will get to know the components of Intune in detail and learn how you can use them in practice to maintain control over your clients or those of your customers. During the seminar, you will work with our project-experienced consultants in an Intune test environment.

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