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Claranet helps your company to work more efficiently, optimise processes and workflows, and gain a strategic advantage over the competition. We do this by porting and robustly operating business-relevant workloads on the same infrastructure on which hundreds of millions of users watch videos or read their mails without trouble.

Successful thanks to Google expertise: Claranet actively designs, builds and monitors the Google infrastructure suitably optimised for you.

Why you should place your trust in Google cloud platform

Although Google has only been offering public cloud services since 2011, it has been using its own cloud infrastructure for its G Suite, YouTube or Google Search for far longer. By deciding on our Google Cloud Services, you will benefit both from Google’s scaling expertise and its inventive potential.

Google Cloud Services enable you to act flexibly without your own hardware and infrastructure. You can adapt all applications and solutions to your individual requirements or needs accordingly. Both migration and the offering from Google are very complex. If you are looking to expand your company’s digitalisation using Google Cloud, Claranet can help you with planning and implementation.

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Master your challenges with Google cloud hosting

Many companies are facing the problem of needing to modernise their infrastructure. However, this is no easy process and requires a number of changes.

By using Google Cloud Services, you can tap into possibilities for optimising your company’s productivity and workflows.

  • Receive data deliveries in real time
  • Simplify production chains thanks to virtual machines and containers
  • Increase the effectiveness of workflows and processes
  • React faster and more flexibly to market changes
  • Increase your data security
  • Reduce the risks of data loss thanks to the Google data centres in Germany and all over the world

Claranet actively designs, builds and monitors the right infrastructure for you in the Google cloud

With a combination of in-house Google Platform expertise and proven templates we have developed ourselves, we ensure that the time-to-value of your public cloud projects is significantly reduced. Claranet’s technical expertise enables smooth operation so that your IT specialists can concentrate on source code, tests and product innovations.

Claranet integrates your applications seamlessly into the progressive tool set of Google Cloud Services. Claranet solution designers are agreed that particularly innovative solutions succeed using Google Container Engine, the management and orchestration system for docker container services based on Kubernetes. Google has been using containers for 15 years, which enables the engine to shine as a fast, high-performance and flexible basis for customer software.

With its untarnished success story in building e-commerce infrastructures and automation using Google Cloud Services, Claranet can guarantee that your environment is completely secure while also offering the reliability and performance you need.

Why choose Claranet Managed Google Cloud Services?

We take over the management of Google Cloud Services for you because we possess the following expertise:

  • Design and realisation of the infrastructure for optimal operation
  • Positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Centre Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services, Europe 2019
  • Expertise and experience in Kubernetes for GCP

Our Google hosting expertise is also impressive:

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Autoscaling
  • Continuous innovation
  • Shop systems: Spryker, Magento or Shopware

Claranet can help you, irrespective of whether you already use Google Cloud Services and need support with automation or optimisation, or whether you want to set up a greenfield environment for a new application.

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