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Cloud Native

Cloud-native technologies reduce costs, increase competitiveness and help companies take full advantage of the cloud. With our expertise and experience, we provide comprehensive support for your modernisation projects.

We are experts in managing complex container landscapes

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Cloud Native Strategies

Cloud-native technologies lay the foundation for digital transformation. Our services reflect specific customer requirements from numerous innovative cloud-native projects.

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DevOps Automation

We follow a comprehensive approach to implementing the DevOps philosophy by automating processes for greater agility, reusability, security and risk minimisation.

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Managed Container

Container technologies simplify the deployment of complex, distributed applications and increase flexibility with regard to the underlying infrastructure. They are especially suitable for microservice-based architectures or applications with high scaling requirements and frequent releases. Take advantage of our experience in managing complex container environments for your project success.

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Managed Kubernetes

We provide Managed Kubernetes Services for operating container-based applications. We take over the entire lifecycle management of the customer-dedicated cluster: design, integration, deployment, operation and maintenance.

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Cloud Native Application Delivery

Accelerate your business by delivering faster, secure and robust Cloud-native Applications, all the while tackling the skills gap problem. We work side by side with your teams as a true partner.