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AWS Landing Zone

Governance, best practices, security and access management for your growing accounts on AWS

The Claranet Landing Zone package creates solid foundations for effectively building cloud workloads on AWS.

Our extensive experience and alignment with AWS Well-Architected best practices can support the customer in establishing governance, security and access management in an effective growth plan, to simplify and accelerate cloud adoption. We will set up multi-account environment to provide you with the reliable, secure, scalable, cost effective, customizable, and ready-to-use AWS baseline environment.

AWS Landing Zone

Phase 1. Consult

We perform a workshop with the customer to understand business and AWS Landing Zone requirements, working together with its team to define an effective development roadmap.

Phase 2. Build

We build a fully automated AWS landing zone that enables running applications in the cloud with security, governance, and efficiency that meet well-architected best practices.

Phase 3. Engage

We'll guide the customer through their new AWS Landing Zone w ith a Q&A to kick off their cloud journey.

Our deliverables

  • Landing Zone design and implementation
  • Standard accounts and Organization Units setup
  • Detective and preventive guardrails
  • AWS security services setup
  • Centralized logging setup
  • Advanced network setup, i.e., on-premises, VPN, firewalls, etc
  • AWS SSO integration with customer’s identity provider

Your benefits

Increased agility: an effective Landing Zone provides a centralized, standardized environment that enables customers to quickly and easily deploy their applications and workloads in the cloud. This can help increase the customer's agility and ability to respond to changing business needs.

Improved security and compliance: A well-designed and properly implemented AWS Landing Zone meets the unique security requirements of each customer. This is particularly important for regulated industries, as compliance with various regulations is required.

Cost savings: By providing a standardized and well-designed environment, a landing zone can help organizations reduce the costs associated with cloud migrations. This can include significantly improved cost visibility, lower costs for IT resources, as well as reduced costs for security and compliance.