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Success through technology. Use Microsoft technologies for seamless cooperation, flexible communication and automated workflows – and create a modern working environment for your company.

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Transforming the working world with Microsoft tools

From a technical perspective, workplace modernisation allows more advanced instruments and technologies to be used, which in turn boosts productivity. Cloud-based solutions offer flexibility and scalability, while collaborative platforms improve both the flow of information and the overall collaboration. Automating processes reduces errors and increases efficiency.

Mobile devices and remote working options also grant employees extra day-to-day flexibility and offer an improved work-life balance.

However, technical modernisation alone is not enough. Companies must also strive for cultural change. This includes changing their corporate culture to create a more open, flexible and collaborative working environment. Employees need to be encouraged to use new technologies, continuously build on their own abilities and promote innovations. Rethinking set patterns and establishing a culture of lifelong learning are essential if companies are to keep pace with rapidly changing requirements.

Our portfolio

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a very popular collaboration solution for companies. We have the necessary experience to provide you with optimum support and help you overcome any challenges encountered along the way.

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Modern Workplace

Modern work does not mean simply using the right technology, but also having the ability to think outside the box and see the bigger picture. Take a step into the future with Claranet.

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By exchanging ideas, as well as promoting teamwork and use of digital tools, companies can facilitate effective collaboration and expedite innovations.

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Enterprise Support for Workplace Services

If you already have a good grip on the security, stability and availability of in-house systems, these no longer present real challenges in your day-to-day business. But what if unanticipated issues crop up? You can rely on our many years of experience in eliminating faults both quickly and reliably.

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Managed Workplace Services

As a managed workplace services (MWS) provider, we make sure that you can achieve more with less. Your IT operations need to operate flawlessly, so that you can work successfully. To ensure that your processes are both secure and reliable, our English-speaking experts are happy to provide you with comprehensive support.

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