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Scheduled PDF Cost Reports

Costs control, costs optimization and Financial Operations made easy

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Scheduled PDF Cost Reports is a serverless application that helps to keep costs under control thorough a simple interface that enables to combine in few clicks the features of AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Cost & Usage Reports and AWS Budgets.

The main focus for the Cost Reports is to provide a clear and detailed overview of the Reserved Instances utilization, in this way you can better understand the usage for the amount you allocated on the reservation. In the reports you could filter by your Cost Allocation Tags to have a detailed report for each of your cost center, departments, products, etc.

With the Scheduled Reports feature you can create weekly and monthly reports to send by email to designed recipients, in this way you can avoid any time consuming action that actually you do, and repeat each time, on the AWS Console.


  • Costs control
  • Costs optimization
  • Financial Operations

Benefits and features


Create monthly or weekly scheduled reports delivered directly to you and your collaborators by email.


Aggregate costs by accounts, tags, and reserved instances.Understand costs of projects or organisational units and optimize them.

Reserved Instances

Understand how reservations are distributed among multiple accounts

Time saver

No more jumps among different applications, CSV exports and manual Excel elaboration.

Spot Reports

Create on-the-fly reports using the Spot Reports feature. The quickest way to have a costs overview