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Penetration Testing as a Service

Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) combines qualified pentesting by a team of pentesters with end-to-end application analysis, providing you with a responsive solution that is a natural extension of your team.


What is Penetration Testing as a Service?

Our Penetration Testing Service constantly scans your web application and IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and security holes. This end-to-end security testing drastically reduces the time you need to become aware of critical vulnerabilities.

Mastering the challenges of our time with Penetration Testing as a Service

Large application inventories or applications that change frequently are a challenge for conventional pentests. It is simply not possible to test every update and every system often enough. We need a new approach that provides a more agile testing solution with the ability to scale.

This is exactly what Claranet Cyber Security’s Penetration Testing as a Service offers. It combines industry-leading vulnerability scanning technologies with the knowledge and experience of our penetration testing experts and packages this into a service that scans for vulnerabilities in your systems 24/7.

Tailored to the scope and complexity of your applications, we create a continuous testing plan that combines qualified manual tests with application scans. High-priority findings are flagged immediately and all results are summarised in a comprehensive monthly report.

This gives you an agile and collaborative approach to security that quickly alerts you to issues while also allowing you to align testing with your application development timelines. Security that harmonises with your development requirements and doesn’t work against them.

A new approach helps us to ensure the necessary security.

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Speed Dial

24/7 monitoring – the speed challenge

Attackers are constantly discovering new vulnerabilities and developing new ways to exploit them, which is reinforced by modern application development and its rapid release cycle. A single penetration test is a point-in-time assessment, while PTaaS allows for continuous scanning for any emerging threats as well as identifying vulnerabilities introduced by code changes.


Scanning without false positives

Conventional scanners produce lots of false positives and non-contextual risks. All vulnerabilities reported by PTaaS are verified by a cybersecurity expert before being reported. This allows security teams to focus on effectively fixing vulnerabilities and not waste time fixing irrelevant issues or false problems.

Extended scope and targeted tests – the numbers game

PTaaS is ideal when we are talking about a large scope. All systems are scanned to achieve a basic level of security, but the pentester team gets an overview of the entire inventory. This allows our penetration testers to use their experience to identify objects that are much more likely to have critical vulnerabilities.

Surface Monitoring

Attack Surface Monitoring

Fast release cycles, expanding infrastructure, outdated servers, loss of access data and constant phishing attempts are permanent and sometimes unknown dangers. Continuous Asset Monitoring helps you identify risks your security teams didn’t know about and gives you an attacker’s perspective on your applications.

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