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As a provider of network services, Claranet guarantees you a high-performance, secure network infrastructure implemented according to your requirements. Our services include network planning, implementation and administration during operation. We also optimise existing company networks.

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Security and data protection

Use of the latest encryption methods

With our VPN solutions, we take into account the security requirements necessary for Germany and your company structure. German data protection standards are adhered to. Claranet is certified according to the latest ISO 27001 standard and audited according to the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act. In addition, we guarantee the protection of your data through the latest encryption methods, for example in Encrypted MPLS. This means that your employees at all locations can securely access your company applications and cloud services at any time.

24x7 service

24/7 service and support

Proactive and quick to respond

At Claranet, we have over 20 years of experience in setting up and operating complex company networks with a wide range of requirements. We can optimise existing network structures or create completely new ones. In doing so, we address your specific requirements and can implement certain topics such as increasing bandwidths, secure encryption technologies or traffic prioritisation according to your needs. During operation, we are always available for you with 24/7 monitoring and support 365 days a year.

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Performance and availability

The basis for your digital business

Claranet’s Virtual Private Network solutions are characterised by high performance in professional applications. Companies can rely on the speed and high stability of the VPN. We guarantee availabilities of up to 99.9%.

24x7 service

High fail-safety

Full control over your network

We guarantee a high level of fail-safety with a redundant backup, for which we use different carriers for the main and backup lines. As an optional addition, you can obtain redundant hardware using the HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol).

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Virtual Private Networks from Claranet

Secure and high-performance solutions for networking locations

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a secure and flexible solution for networking company locations. Your employees can access your IT infrastructure resources at any time. Data is transmitted in the secure VPN tunnel and thus meets your requirements for security and data protection.

Claranet offers you the full range of VPN services, allowing you to network your locations nationally and internationally and reliably integrate each branch into your company network. In addition, you give your employees working in the field or from home risk-free and uninterrupted access to the company network via VPN.

We determine the right VPN solution for your company according to the technical requirements, bandwidths, performance and compliance guidelines. We work independently of providers and have partnerships with all major carriers worldwide, which enables us to realise all the requirements for your company processes.

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