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Telephone lines and calls

Quickly save up to 40% on your phone lines and calls.

Have you looked at what you’re paying for your business phone lines and calls? You could be on outdated call tariffs. Switching to Claranet’s competitive rates can save up to 40% on your lines and calls while simplifying your supplier relationships.

Consolidate your voice solutions and move phone lines when it’s right for you

Many organisations have a variety of different voice solutions, and would like to consolidate (either via SIP Trunking or Hosted Voice) unfortunately not all areas of a business are ready to move at the same time. Having all your communications with Claranet means we can help you transition – moving lines over at times that is right for you and your business.

Why choose Claranet for lines and calls?

  • Save money vs your current supplier
  • Ease of transition to IP voice services at the right time for your organisation
  • Single supplier for lines and broadband eases fault resolution
  • Superior customer experience

Contact us now to realise the immediate cost savings to your business

Simply contact us and we can look at what you’re paying now, and how we can help reduce costs, improve your communications whilst simplifying your supplier relationships. Improve customer engagement, business reliability and resilience with the latest voice communication technologies. Furthermore, take advantage of flexible working with voice services designed to keep users sounding professional from any location.

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A single supplier for greater transparency, lower costs and fault resolution times

Even if your current lines only supply Broadband having these with Claranet could save you money on your monthly rental, simplify management and improve your service by having a single supplier manage both elements of the connectivity consequently reduce fault resolution times

How we work with you


We review your existing call tariffs with your incumbent supplier to identify cost savings


We design solutions that scale and meet your requirements wherever you are on your communications journey


Working with Claranet removes the burden of project managing and carrying out the installation of your service, saving you time.


We take care of the ongoing 24x7 management of your service. However, you retain the control you need with access to around the clock UK support.


  • What data do you need to compare costs?

    If you have a copy of your latest bill we can rate this for you and find out exactly what you could save by moving to Claranet.

  • How long will ISDNs be around for?

    BT has announced end of life for ISDN lines in 2025 – by this point we will need to migrate you to SIP Trunking, or better still to a Hosted Voice solution.

  • Is there any outage or downtime in moving my PSTNs and ISDNs to Claranet?

    No, it’s a seamless administrative change.