Our pproach

Our approach

We combine pioneering expertise, practices and technology to propel your business ambitions.

Our end-to-end service, means you get tremendous value from a single relationship.

Professional services

Get what you want, when you want it

Competitive Edge is Claranet's modular professional services framework. Whether you are investigating options at an early stage or starting a new project or programme, we cater for every phase of your journey, wherever you currently are.

Managed services

24/7 Service and support you can trust

Our teams work as an extension of yours, blending skills and proactively sharing experience. Our passion for your success and our appreciation of the criticality of our service to your customers, permeates all we do.

Training services

Empower your people

As the Blackhat cybersecurity conferences most popular training provider, we train thousands of security professionals every year to keep their businesses safe.