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Managed Security Services

Leave the continuous, tactical work to a trusted partner, so you can focus on the strategic cybersecurity projects and resilience-building programmes your team was built for.

Stack Claranet’s 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and managed security services to suit your cybersecurity needs and get back to the priorities that matter. Our people and technology seamlessly plug into your organisation to remove the heavy lifting from your prevention, detection, and triage activities.

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Managed Security Services

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Manage and secure your on-premise endpoints and cloud workloads with powerful, all-seeing EDR.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Detect, contain, and eradicate on-premise and cloud-based threats with a dedicated MDR solution.

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Continuous Security Testing

Identify and prioritise the remediation of vulnerabilities across your attack surface as fast as they emerge.

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Managed firewalls

Minimise the number of threats that get in with 24/7/365 firewall monitoring, management, and support, customised to your business.

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Managed cloud security

From migration to innovation, secure your cloud services. Select from a range of custom solutions, including bespoke consultancy.

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Email security and encryption

Lower the risk of email-borne viruses, spam, malware, and phishing attacks reaching company employees via one simple portal.

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Why choose Claranet’s SOC?

Even via a managed service, the SOC is the heart of your organisation’s detection and response capability. Claranet’s SOC gives you world-class threat intelligence, powerful tooling, and an accredited team of security specialists whose knowledge and experience grows every moment. We plug in as an extension of your own business, providing regular threat reports and service reviews that continuously improve our service and demonstrate value.

Cost distribution

Remove the overhead of an in-house capability and invest strategically across your cybersecurity programme.

Increased proficiency

Extend your team and add the specialist experience of hunters and analysts who fight threats all day, every day.


Use technology to its full potential with our engineers continually fine-tuning tooling and improving processes.

Faster response time

Detect threats earlier in the kill chain, so they can be contained, triaged, and eradicated before they cause damage.

Proactive defence

Go beyond monitoring with proactive threat hunting, intelligence gathering, and manual malware analysis.

A single pane of glass

Get a joined-up, complete view of your security controls and reporting, with everything managed from one place.

Get the most from Microsoft Sentinel with a solution managed by CREST- and Microsoft-accredited specialists. Get in touch now.

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Our accreditations and partnerships

iso 9001 accredited
iso 14001 accredited
iso 22301 accredited
iso 27001 accredited
iso 27017 accredited

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