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McKinsey found that fewer than 30% of IT-driven transformation projects succeed. According to Gartner, for some, the transformation journey is taking "twice as long and costing twice as much." It doesn't have to be this way. With decades of experience, Claranet helps companies win at cloud modernisation and deliver game-changing business outcomes.

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Cloud Migration

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Built-in sustainability

Moving to the cloud can advance your environmental and sustainability goals. For example, it can cut CO2 emissions by reducing over-provisioning of server equipment and reduce on-premise energy consumption by moving workloads into carbon-neutral cloud data centres. Claranet shares this commitment and holds an ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

Customer success

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Cloud-first data centre modernisation

"We have a close partnership with Claranet, and we view them as part of our team"

Dai David CTO, Digital Technology at Arup

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Serverless data collection
at scale in AWS

"Claranet brought valuable expertise to the table, and really listened to understand our specific challenges and address needs"

"Highly recommended"

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Secure Connected Cloud

Moving to the cloud is an opportunity to review and enhance your security posture and your network foundations. For this reason, both are an essential part of every conversation we have and a critical planning artefact in our Competitive Edge service. Claranet has 60+ cybersecurity experts, we're a founding member of CREST, and one of the few AWS Partners globally to hold the new AWS Managed Security Services competency. With 25 years managed networks experience, you can be assured you are getting direct access to the right help and advice.

Highly regarded by the Public Cloud Providers

We successfully help customers take their first steps and achieve long-term operational and financial rewards

We clearly map out your journey to the Cloud with no commitment, and often at minimal or zero cost

It is common for our work to be part funded by one of the major platforms as the preferred approach

Claranet is the UK's largest privately owned, multi-cloud expert.

Outcome-based partnership

We've been around for more than 25 years and we want to co-create impactful relationships with our customers. As a privately-owned business, we're not driven by short-term financial imperatives. We believe our success comes from delivering better business outcomes for our customers.

Part of the team

We have spent years hiring the best talent. investing in the best tooling and designing solutions and engagements that help to make successful cloud adoption a reality. The result: you can rely on an army of technical cloud engineers, architect, and project managers to help you make is our success. This is the spirit of partnership, the right decisions at the right time and to help your business move forward on your cloud journey.

Aim high

We help customers take the first steps and achieve long-term operational and business objectives, including reduced costs, successful project delivery and increased agility.


Positioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants every year since 2013

We currently appear in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Centre Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services, Europe

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ISG leader in Public Cloud and Cybersecurity 2021

Claranet is the only company to appear in both ISG Provider Lens reports

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1,000+ Application migrations to public cloud

400+ Public cloud customers

140+ Certified public cloud engineers

10,000+ VMs under management

2,100+ Technical experts

One small step. One giant leap.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If your current cloud projects are stalling or you need help to go further, call us on 0330 390 0507 or fill in this contact form to start a no-obligation, high-value conversation with Claranet.

Competitive Edge phases explained


Advisory & Consultancy

The brightest thinking, expertise and experience

Every customer is different. While we are cloud experts you are the expert about your organisation and its needs. We don't make assumptions or sell cookie-cutter solutions. We work with you in a collaborative way to find the right solution.

Discover the IT and application estate you have today

Discover the IT and application estate you have today

We will create a shared understanding of the legacy that sits within your IT estate (it can often be a surprise). We will establish how data and processes run through your infrastructure and focus on the key applications and services which keep your business running

Build a Cloud Strategy that suits your desires and needs

Build a cloud strategy that works for you

We will evaluate your internal capability and organisational setup today and the skills you will need in the cloud. We provide you with a documented way forward, based on industry best practice, to help you deliver the desired outcomes.

Plan your cloud migration

Plan your cloud migration

We will offer clear advice about what parts of your estate can be moved to the cloud, what can’t be moved, and the best course of action to mitigate risk and maintain business as usual. There is no single right answer for everyone. The migration path needs to be built around your business goals.

Create a business case and adoption strategy

Create a business case and adoption strategy

We give you a clear known value and cost of the move to cloud. Understand the migration cost, the operating cost, timescales and total cost of ownership (TCO) for your cloud strategy. Armed with this level of detail you will be equipped to build a compelling business case to sell the plan to the rest of the organisation


Migration & Adoption

Find the optimal cloud migration path

Migration to the Cloud is just the start of the journey. That's why we make sure your next steps are already mapped out so your business can really begin to fly

Choose the right strategy

Choose the right strategy

'Lift and shift' has something of a bad name. It's well deserved if that's all you do. But for some workloads, it can be the most efficient strategy. It minimises disruption and helps deal with legacy applications. It can also be a stepping stone towards a more comprehensive cloud-native strategy.

Move to the cloud rapidly

Move to the cloud rapidly

Often there is a compelling event that has focused attention on a move to cloud. A data centre that needs to be closed, a license renewal on the horizon etc. We understand that some projects are urgent and have tight timelines.

Manage legacy apps and services

Manage legacy apps and services

Claranet recognise that not everything can yet go to cloud. The technical and security blockers diminish every year but sometimes clients need to maintain legacy IT systems. Our heritage as a managed service provider in the data centre space means that we can offer all the traditional services needed to support this kind of hybrid solution.

Deliver meaningful cost reductions

Deliver meaningful cost reductions

Poorly-optimised cloud implementations can be surprisingly expensive. This is why we focus on cost optimisation and application modernisation to achieve the best possible cloud economics. For example, we have showed one customer how they could reduce their cost of cloud from £30m to less than £10m over a five-year period.


Operation & Innovation

Optimise. Innovate. Experiment. Grow

Whether it's a flexible, self-scaling auto-healing e-commerce platform that can handle huge spikes in demand over Black Fridday or taking control of your Big Data with machine learning and AI, continous improvement and innovaotion in the Cloud can transform the way your business operates. Take full advantage of Cloud Native technologies, creating entirely new services that are born in the cloud.

Take advantage of cloud economics

Take advantage of cloud economics

You may not be moving to the cloud solely to save money but, over time, it can result in significant cost reductions. But only if you do it right. Our goal is to manage costs and keep them as predictable and low as possible. This is part of our Competitive Edge subscription service.

Improve agility and flexibility

Improve agility and flexibility

We're platform and vendor neutral so our goal is to help you optimise your cloud portfolio without locking you in. So, no mandatory multi-year commitments, low commitment levels and a clear menu of options. It's the cloud on your terms, not ours.

Service the way you need it

Service the way you need it

Often following a lift and shift of a traditional IT estate, your need may include a traditional managed IT service; a DevOps style with our teams blended with your teams; or a fourth and fifth line warranty provider to support your internal teams. Competitive Edge offers the flexibility to mix the style of service you need, to create your perfect cloud service operating model.

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