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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Protect your users from the threats of sophisticated attackers.

After each one-hour session, employees will have experienced how simple innocent actions could lead to a hacker stealing their personal information or hacking the corporate network

Hackers are increasingly targeting employees

Hackers are increasingly targeting employees

Don’t let them gain access

It’s difficult for defensive technologies alone to shield organisations. To increase protection further, businesses are educating and motivating staff to understand and be vigilant.

We work with IT teams to educate staff

We work with IT teams to educate staff

Simple techniques and practical advice

We work with IT departments to demonstrate to staff how prudent cybersecurity precautions can prevent hackers causing corporate, as well as personal, damage

Cybersecurity awareness training course overview

Safer browsing and email

  • Phishing scenarios
  • Attacker aims
  • High profile data breaches

Public Wi-Fi

  • Insecure wireless and VPN
  • How hackers target WiFi
  • When to use 4G

Social media footprinting

  • Open source intelligence gathering
  • How hackers use social media
  • Breakdown of a social engineering attack

Mobile device security

  • Keeping it up-to-date
  • Using the security features
  • Risks of jailbreaking

Password Reuse

  • Strong and weak passwords
  • Password reuse
  • Password managers

Physical security

  • How attackers gain access
  • What they do when they're in the building
  • Malicious USB devices

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