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Penetration testing for specific outcomes

Penetration testing isn’t a silver bullet. But with carefully planned objectives, and an experienced team to deliver the engagement, it can provide assurance that your security posture is both at the level you think it is and where it needs to be.

Claranet’s penetration testing services are delivered pragmatically, around specific outcomes and indicators of success, so you get real results.

  • Gain assurance in the security of your applications and environments.

  • Evaluate the success of your vulnerability assessment and management processes.

  • Identify areas in need of further security testing and investment.

  • Satisfy PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and GDPR compliance requirements.

  • Train your team on cyber risk and improve their overall security awareness.

  • Create a snapshot of cyber risk to inform and educate people around your organisation.

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Do I need a penetration test?

Penetration testing provides a point-in-time evaluation of the security of your assets and/or environments at a specific moment in time. This data is crucial for your organisation and should ideally be gathered via an annual testing programme, as well as:

  • In response to recent security events
  • In preparation for compliance audits
  • To clear the road for digital transformation
  • For brand protection and good publicity
  • To assess the risk of mergers and acquisitions
  • When adopting an existing security team
  • When developing new applications and products
  • To refocus and priotise your team’s output

Our CREST-accredited penetration testing services

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What our customers are saying

During our tendering, we found that Claranet provided excellent responses to the questionnaire and also competitive pricing compared to other pen testing companies.

The Guiness Partnerships

The service from Claranet is always great, Engineers are very knowledgeable, account management is outstanding, and projects are always delivered on time

BCN Group

Other consultancy services

Continuous Security Testing

Continuous Security Testing uses 24/7/365 automated vulnerability monitoring and targeted manual analysis to provide detailed, real-time, risk-graded reporting on the assets and vulnerabilities across your internal and external attack surface.

Plugged into a proactive patching and remediation plan, and your entire systems development life cycle (SDLC), these insights can help narrow the window of risk between point-in-time strategic penetration testing engagements.

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Red Teaming

Unlike penetration testing, which is designed to identify many and all vulnerabilities in a system, Red Teaming sets out to achieve a specific objective tied to the cyber kill chain to demonstrate if an attacker could do the same.

Red Team exercises are performed using a black-box testing approach where no information about the target organisation is given. This allows the test to emulate a real outsider threat attack, beginning with reconnaisance.

In competitive engagements, the customer’s own blue (defensive) team will try to prevent, detect, and respond to the simulated attack

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Social engineering

Comprehensive data to help you assess the performance of your services and report back to the organisation. Our 6-month reports contain:

Your first line of defence is your workforce. Use social engineering assessments to train and educate employees, identify areas for improvement, and create a companywide passion for security

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Code review

Spot issues in your code before they are found in production. This in-depth security review of your source code uses manual and automated testing to look for security flaws and identify insecure coding practices.

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Penetration testing in 4 steps

Every test is unique, but here’s what you can expect from start to finish at a high level.


Your test will be designed and scoped by experienced security consultants. They start by getting to know you, your organisation, and its security in depth so they can build an approach that tangibly delivers the results you need.


Once the scope has been agreed, we’ll provide a free, non-obligation, fixed quote and commit to a start date. You’ll be fully briefed on the testing timeline and risk management procedures.


You’ll receive daily, high-priority findings to ensure critical risks can be dealt with fast. Our consultants will be on hand throughout to discuss progress, highlight issues, and answer questions.


Our reports provide a detailed, prioritised analysis and explanation of issues and vulnerabilities, supported by information on their potential business impact. All findings are tied back to your key objectives, which can be discussed in more detail with our team.

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We’re building a penetration testing legacy

Penetration testing is an essential part of your cybersecurity programme. Working with a dedicated and experienced provider makes all the difference. With Claranet:

Our legacy stretches back 25 years and includes our role as a founding member of CREST and one of the largest training partners at Black Hat.

Our testers are passionate experts in their field, carrying out their own independent research and delivering training and thought leadership worldwide.

Our testing incorporates Claranet’s prestigious cloud and network practices, enabling us to use a blend of specialisms to directly address your challenges and needs.

We maintain a reliable team of in-house-only penetration testers who undergo the same training and development to maintain our high level of technical proficiency and customer service.

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