Endpoint Detection and Response

Stop cyberattacks in their tracks at your perimeter. Detect, contain, eradicate, and remediate with a 24/7/365 service that blends market-leading technology and the experience of dedicated analysts and threat hunters.

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Industry-leading Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

It takes just seconds for an attacker to infect an endpoint and harm your business. Choose a next-generation EDR solution underpinned by a multiskilled SOC and the SentinelOne platform – selected for its exceptional performance in MITRE’s Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluations*.

With Claranet's Endpoint Detection and Response, you can identify attacks in progress and isolate them on the endpoint before removing them and providing rollback to a safe state. Secure your entire perimeter from known and unknown threats and keep your business online.

Features of Endpoint Detection and Response

Next generation AV

Detects malware and malicious activity often missed by traditional AV.

Easy deployment

Across Windows, Linux, and MacOS; on-premise and cloud.


Rapidly return to a pre-infected state to avert expensive ransoms.

Threat hunting

To identify Command and Control (C2) servers and application attacks.

Analyst driven investigation

To assess the dangers and action containment and rollback


Of infected machines, preventing the spread and cost of malicious attacks.

How Endpoint Detection and Response works

The SentinelOne endpoint agent monitors for threats using behavioural AI and static analysis (next-gen AV).

Abnormalities are raised as an alert and triaged by a security analyst. False positives are removed. Suspected threats are analysed and escalated to Claranet’s SOC.

Learnings are used to optimise alerts from SentinelOne, focusing on high-priority threats.

Suspected threats are reanalysed by the SOC. Any confirmed threats are automatically eradicated using machine learning, or contained for manual investigation and eradication.

Threat hunting activities are deployed to gather more data and provide deeper learnings around suspected threats. These are fed back to SentinelOne and the SOC.

Any damaged or destroyed systems and data are restored using rollback. Response tickets are generated if specialist incident response (IR) is needed.

Recommended remediations are fed back to the customer.

Claranet Online provides visibility of all activity, including monthly reporting. Quarterly service reviews are used to continually improve the service.

100% prevention. 100% detection. 100% visibility.

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Why Claranet?

Choosing a managed service means choosing an extension of your own team. Claranet is an industry-accredited Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). With 25+ years' experience providing cybersecurity through our penetration testing, continuous security testing, and managed security services, we’re well-versed in what it means for organisations to put their trust in us.

24/7/365 SOC

Our global SOC is made up of CREST-accredited analysts and threat hunters with a breadth of experience, across different verticals, from penetration testing to cyber forensics. Our proactive approach to detection – constantly tuning monitoring activities and developing the effectiveness of our tech – provides an extra layer of defence on top of your existing capability. This leads to a faster, more intelligent response to threats.

Claranet Online

We provide a single pane of glass across your security activities through our portal Claranet Online. This not only allows your own team to maintain visibility and control of your Azure-based detection controls, it also enables you to create a joined-up view of your cybersecurity programme across different services and platforms so you can streamline all activity.

Cloud Practice

Whether you have an established cloud strategy or you’re just beginning your journey, tap into the expertise of our dedicated Cloud Practice. This team works across all areas of cloud, from operations and optimisation, to migration and governance.

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