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Expert software defined wide area networking gives you the control you need.

Manage more sites securely and meet the demand for applications and cloud-based services

In an increasingly mobile-first world, business-critical applications are now running across multiple clouds and data centres. To meet the demand growth of bandwidth-hungry application and cloud-based services, businesses must now look to supplement and expand their traditional backbone connectivity to respond to business needs faster. This disruption is forcing many organisations to review their connectivity options.

Claranet co-managed SD-WAN services your connectivity requirements rapidly and securely without the need for services or upgrades, measured on availability and supported 24x7. Remote sites are connected over low cost reliable interlinks securely. Encompassing load balancing capabilities, intelligent path control and automatic fail over for superior application performance at the right time, to the right people with the right bandwidth and latency.

Why choose Claranet

  • Cloud and Networks specialists
    As the highest accredited multi-cloud provider with a heritage in Networks we offer unbiased advice to help you understand the benefits of your connectivity options.

  • Unrivalled commercial flexibility
    We offer an unmatched level of commercial flexibility helping you scale your network infrastructure around your business growth.

  • World renowned Cybersecurity specialists
    60+ penetration testers and fully accredited qualified security assesors, compliance and Black Hat training provider.

  • Cyber Essentials accredited
    We are a licensed IASME certification body on behalf of the National Cyber Security Centre trained to advise and certify organisations to the Cyber Essentials Standard.

  • Trusted Partner
    With a strong partner portfolio, we identify the best solution to fit your needs to help you solve your connectivity challenges and can advise on your configuration.

  • Consulting and the ability to deliver 24x7 delivery
    We provide consultancy to continually improve and optimise your network estate.

  • Project managed deployed
    Claranet will work with you to set up a roll out plan to manage deployment, including configuration of your solution

  • 24x7x365 monitoring
    Constant monitoring of all devices, five-hour on-site engineer replacement

Demonstrate your commitment to security with Cyber Essentials

We combine our extensive expertise in network transformation and Cybersecurity to offer you the opportunity to achieve Cyber Essentials certification as part of your Network migration and SD-WAN roll out. So you can clearly demonstrate to your clients that your network has effective Cybersecurity controls and provides the necessary assurances that you are safe to do business with.

Benefits of SD WAN



Hybrid solutions catering for on-premise, legacy, and cloud.

Centrally managed

Centrally managed

Manage and monitor bandwidth from a centralised interface.

Cloud optimised network

Cloud optimised network

WAN extended seamlessly to AWS and Azure.



Visibility of applications and infrastructure for bandwidth utilisation, rapid identification, and problem resolution.

Security hardened network<

Security hardened network

Comprehensive security over hybrid links and Unified Threat Management with segmentation for IoT, partner networks, cloud, and guest wireless.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Reduce international WAN costs and lower bandwidths.