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Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

Secure and feature-rich employee, guest and customer wifi

A secure flexible managed cloud Wi-Fi delivering rich insight

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi is a secure and flexible solution designed to improve the way your people work, provide insight into user behaviour, and help you engage better with them. The solution is ideal for organisations who want to connect multiple sites over a wide area, need cost-effective Wi-Fi, control and monitor applications bandwidth or require enhanced analytics, or those who have limited IT resource.

Managed WIFI

Why Choose Claranet for Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

  • Spread network traffic and reduce bandwidth pressures for your business-critical applications
  • Leverage client and location-based analytics with heat maps for informed decisions making
  • Centralise dashboard control your applications and bandwidth from an easy to use interface
  • Security built in can assign firewall and traffic shaping rules, VLAN tags, and bandwidth limits per user

Centralised administration delivering a 360 view of your Wi-Fi environment

The Managed Wi-Fi Cloud dashboard offers a unified 360º view of your Wi-Fi environment through a single browser based dashboard, enabling visibility of your entire Managed Wi-Fi Cloud solution across multiple sites and geographies. The dashboard enables the administration of set policies for access, content filtering, application and bandwidth usage, with the ability to apply them by site, user groups or individuals. In addition, location tracking and analytics offer a deeper understanding of your visitors - as well as marketing opportunities - by providing footfall traffic and location heatmaps.

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi benefits include:

  • Granular controls: for your applications and bandwidth
    • Up-to-date insights into clients and application usage
    • Prioritise mission critical applications and throttle bandwidth of low-priority ones
  • Leverage location data analytics: to make informed decisions about staffing, event or storefront displays, footfall and marketing success
  • Less downtime: through a self-optimisation and self-healing wireless infrastructure, the solution automatically responds to failures and errors, whilst determining the ideal channel and transmit power
  • Remote management: Cloud managed Wi-Fi can be accessed and managed from anywhere, on-site, from home, or from any other location with an internet connection
  • Planned project installation and configuration: that will be completed within an agreed rollout plan
  • Active monitoring and support desk: for rapid assistance from trained technical staff 24x7x365
  • Configuration support: from our change management team and active monitoring of the license estate

How we work with you


We start with understanding you and your objectives. We combine our understanding of your business with deep technical knowledge to create the right service.


Our expert Solution Architects and account teams work with you to design the right wireless infrastructure for your needs. Focusing on the best solution that meets your requirements now, and in the future.


Working with Claranet removes the burden of project managing and configuring the solution yourself, saving you time, and giving you the confidence that your cloud Wi-Fi will function to your requirements.


Gain the access you require, around the clock UK support and a feature rich cloud management dashboard. With pro-active 24/7 monitoring of your wireless infrastructure, experience the benefits without the headaches.