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Claranet Pre-Ethernet gets you connected within 7 working days whilst you wait for your new Ethernet dedicated internet connection

Kick start your connectivity

Modern businesses require performance connectivity options to premises and any delays in installation can mean poor productivity and business performance leading to loss of revenue and reputational damage.

Claranet Pre-Ethernet solution gets you connected within 7 working days whilst you wait for your new Ethernet connection. You can begin IT on-boarding, transacting and carrying out digital processes at new locations. Once your Ethernet line is connected Pre-Ethernet becomes your backup.

Why choose Claranet for Pre-Ethernet

  • Claranet manage thousands of Mobile SIMs
  • MPLS and Internet options
  • Hardware is Pre-Ethernet & Ethernet ready reducing configuration costs and reclamation delays
  • Cost effective solution with rolling monthly contract options

Pre-Ethernet business benefits

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Drive Agility

Bank time and effort by starting your IT onboarding earlier at new locations

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Increase Revenue

Recognise revenue sooner by enabling connectivity to your payment processors

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Improve Flexibility

Connect your staff to the network instantly and kickstart training whilst maintaining digital processes

Pre-Ethernet overview

  • Your Pre-Ethernet solution is configured, enabled and dispatched to your site within 7 working days to ensure your business runs smoothly
  • Managed Cisco routers
  • 100GB Data Plan – Pre-Ethernet connectivity over 'Business Only' 4G to ensure you're always connected
  • 30GB Backup data plan - Backup connectivity over ‘Business ‘Only’ 4G to ensure you’re always connected
  • Wireless mobile technology provides separation and increased resiliency from fixed line technology
  • MPLS or Internet option
  • Fixed IP to retain business continuity
  • Access to our support team 24x7x365

How we work with you


Working with Claranet ensures that you have all the right information, recommendations, and the service options available to you to achieve your business outcomes


Our experts can advise you on the best service options. Focusing on the best solution that meets your requirements now, and in the future.


Working with Claranet removes the burden of project managing and carrying out the provisioning of your solution yourself, saving you time


Gain the access you require, around the clock UK support and a feature management dashboard. With proactive 24/7 monitoring Network infrastructure, experience the benefits without the headaches.