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Cloud contact centre

Connect with your customers and deliver superior customer experience anytime, anywhere, through any channel and on any device.

Powered by Puzzel

Delivering superior customer experience is challenging: businesses have more touch points to manage, more data to analyse, and a disparate contact centre workforce to support.

Claranet’s Cloud Contact Centre (CCC) powered by Puzzel, gets your customers communicating seamlessly through their channel of choice (phone, mobile, SMS, chat, email and Social Media) for a consistent omni-channel experience. Blending a complete set of rich features including Chatbots, Knowledge Base, AI driven agent assist tools, Workforce Management, Outbound Diallers and PCI compliant payment card handling all from within a single application.

Securely hosted in the cloud and available on all devices, it’s perfect for remote working, and fully customisable with a wide range of applications and integrations to suit your unique business needs (including Microsoft Teams). Zero Capex combined with a highly competitive licencing model; we offer a cloud-based service on a simple per-user-per-month basis.

Why choose Claranet for Contact Centre?

  • Expert advice, design, implementation, set up and management
  • Flexible commercial model with competitive underlying pricing
  • UK support 24x7x365 included
  • Future proof your customer experience
  • Post implementation training options available

Connecting Customer Experiences

Meet your customers on the channels they choose with our omnichannel solution. Intelligent skills-based routing ensures every enquiry – no matter the channel – is assigned to the right agents with the right skills to delight your customers every time.



Handle inbound and outbound calls with Softphone, IVR, Voice Recording, Silent Monitoring and more.



Rapidly respond to emails with automatic routing, queuing and prioritisation.


Web Chat

Offer your customers live, convenient support as they browse your website.



Impress influencers and build loyal followers on Facebook, Twitter and Trustpilot.



Deliver personalised service, surveys and campaigns straight to your customers’ mobile phones.

“Was an obvious choice”

"We know the importance of re-investing in our services to be ahead of the future needs of our clients. The choice in industry-leading Claranet's Hosted Team Voice and Puzzel's Hosted Contact Centre to seamlessly engage our IT Help Desk analysts across voice, email, social media, SMS, with those at the front line of our client teams was an obvious choice."

Dan Smith, CEO, Retail Assist

Cloud Contact Centre business benefits

Feature rich

Feature rich

Enhance your agent experience with inbound and outbound, self-serve IVR, advanced call queuing, recording, screen popping, scripting and much more.


Operational flexibility

Your agents can access CCC on any device from any location, head office, regional centre or even remote working.


Reduce costs

Reduce the need for physical premises by moving staff around different campaigns, reallocate agents and change IVR’s or roles.

Feature-rich and flexible Cloud Contact Centre solutions tailored to you

  • Inbound and outbound voice, chat, Social Media, SMS and email campaigns
  • Workforce Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Optional PCI-DSS compliant card payment handling
  • Visual workflow builder (IVRs and Queueing)
  • Call scripting
  • Call recording & encryption
  • Sound file generation
  • Live and historical reporting
  • Powerful call generator (outbound dialler)

Contact Centre – features in detail

  • Agent Application
  • Administration Portal
  • AI at every touch point
  • Seamless integrations
  • Ticketing
Puzzel Agent Application

Agent Application

Our Agent Application brings all your channels together into one, simple interface. Agents can easily switch between voice, email, web chat, social and SMS requests, see all customer interactions, and handle multiple enquiries at once without cluttering their screens.

Agents can also customise their application with widgets and quick access buttons for a more personalised agent experience.

Puzzel Administration Portal

Administration Portal

The engine room of your contact centre, providing leaders with a live and comprehensive overview of operations and performance.

Monitor traffic, track key performance indicators including requests answered, wait times and survey scores, and make critical service changes on demand.

Puzzel AI at every touch point

AI at every touch point

Experience the full power of AI with Agent Assist, Speech Analytics and Puzzel Bot.Agent Assist expertly guides your agents through challenging interactions, offering helpful suggestions in real-time based on the customer’s mood, while Speech Analytics mines your recorded customer calls to identify key trends, potential opportunities and areas of concern. With our Puzzel Bot solution, you can answer customer enquiries 24-7 with no human intervention required.

Puzzel Seamless integrations

Seamless integrations

Our open software can integrate with CRM systems, speech recognition engines and dozens of other third-party applications to help you build an efficient, feature-rich solution for your contact centre.

Take advantage of our seamless integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and more.

Puzzel Ticketing


Bring instant order to your complex customer communications with our advanced ticketing solution.

Ticketing automatically converts your email, SMS and social media requests into support tickets and assigns them a unique ticket ID. These can then be filtered, categorised and distributed to the right agent or handled through automations.

CCC Overview

  • Fully featured solution - everything you need to manage and optimise your contact centre
  • Enhanced efficiency - introduce new capabilities to optimise workflows and agent productivity
  • Business continuity - native disaster resilience; help to keep your business running as normal no matter what
  • Speed of implementation – as its cloud based, CCC can be implemented in weeks not months
  • Self-service solution – it enables users to respond more swiftly to changes in their customer demands
  • Reduced costs – true pay-as-you-go (PAYG) approach so you only ever pay for what you use (based on peak concurrent model) and low outbound call costs
  • Future proof – Never worry about costly upgrades again as CCC constantly evolves with the market and your needs, providing you with the latest innovations when you need them, and at no extra cost


  • Broad feature-set allows tailoring of the solution specific to your requirements

How we work with you


We start with understanding you and your objectives. Working with industry leading partners we will help scope the solution you need with your team. We combine our understanding of your business with deep technical knowledge to create the right service.


Our CCC experts and account teams work with you to design the CCC solution for your needs, now and in the future.


Working with Claranet removes the burden of project managing and configuring the solution yourself, saving you time, and giving you the confidence that your cloud CCC will function to your requirements. We’ll help you set up the service and train your teams, so you’re up and running fast.


We take care of the ongoing 24/7 management and monitoring of your Cloud Contact Centre platform. However, you retain the control and act as administrator but with access to around the clock UK support. As a cloud based solution, you’ll get access to the latest features without the need for new hardware or additional cost.


  • Can your solution provide a summary of the customers’ interaction record from Case Management, within your solution agent UI?

    Customers previous interactions can be viewed within the Puzzel Agent Assist feature, here all interactions regardless of their channel for that customer can be viewed. Any data retrieved via a web services lookup function can be added to this interaction record. There are no physical limitations, however, customers are encouraged to consider practical limitations such as screen size and amount of data displayed.

  • Can Puzzel route all channel contacts to a group of agents or an individual agent?

    Puzzel Contact Centre supports several methods to route an inbound interaction to the most appropriate agent for that enquiry. All interactions from all channels are delivered to an agent via a Contact Centre Queue. Skills associated with the agent determine which queues the agent may service, and their priority amongst the pool of agents for that queue. The queue routing mechanism allows for SLAs to be set against all channels of interaction, with the task prioritisation taking place across all channels.

  • Can Puzzel integrate with third-party party products?

    Puzzel’s open software can integrate with CRM systems, speech recognition engines and dozens of other third-party applications to help our customers build the most efficient solution for their contact centre. The Puzzel platform supports a range of tools and connection methods to achieve this, as well as the ability to screen pop customer data within the agent interface.

  • Can Puzzel integrate with Microsoft Teams?

    Yes. Puzzel can integrate with Microsoft Teams via direct routing and, if necessary, transfer calls to subject matter experts directly, leveraging presence in Teams to ensure their availability.