Ransomware: What does your response look like?


Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 10:00 to 11:00

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  • Webinar

The enforced working from home means the new perimeter is now the endpoint. This has forced a rethink of where our strongest defences reside combined with a need to transform the endpoint making it the network’s most robust defender.

Join John Pease, from SentinelOne, to discuss:

• How to stay ahead of the emerging threat techniques
• Understand how to automate your protection
• Build a robust layered endpoint protection policy
• Why full remediation is important
• How rollback is the last line of defence

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More about John Pease, CISSP, CEH

John has spent 20 years working in IT, with the last 13 years specialising in security. He has seen the threat landscape evolve, working with global organisations covering the financial and government sectors. John has helped operationalise security strategies to manage risk and understands the business requirement to access data securely across all platforms.
Having worked for both vendors and customers, John has knowledge of not only security technologies but also proven expertise in the way they are deployed and used in operation. He brings deep insight and a risk based approach to architecting, deploying and managing security strategies. His broad skill set allows him to take a hands-on approach when required and he is the master of his domain.