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Although hybrid cloud is a central part of the IT strategy for many organisations, deployments often present tough operational challenges. Together, Claranet and Nutanix can help you realise the true benefits of your Hybrid Cloud environments.

Seamless workload and data mobility

As one of only five companies in the world to have all three audited Managed Service Provider certifications from AWS, Azure and GCP, we have the proven experience to help you with your cloud journey, wherever you are. By combining Nutanix technology and our skills in Hybrid Cloud we deliver seamless workload and data mobility between public and private cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud. Your Cloud.


The inventors of Hyper Convergence

Driven by increased Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) scalability and management functionality, by 2023, 70% of enterprises will be running some form of HCI up from less than 30% in 2019. Nutanix are leaders in this technology and have evolved from a vendor of HCI system appliances and data services, to a provider of a broad portfolio of software solutions and cloud services.

Common hybrid cloud challenges

  • Interoperability and integration
  • API standardisation
  • Latency and bandwidth constraints

Secure, connected cloud experts

Your critical applications

Using our Competitive Edge framework we can work with you to assess and transform your applications, and then help you make the right decisions on what runs best, why, and when.

Guiding you through the complexity

Whether you are already using Nutanix , looking to migrate, or starting completely fresh , we can help. With a deep understanding of cloud, on-premise, or hyperconverged private cloud, we are well placed to design, build and manage your environment, providing the reliability and performance you need.

Security at every stage

As a founding member of CREST and with 20+ years' experience in cybersecurity services and training for the biggest brands across the globe, we can bring this expertise to bear at every stage your project and infrastructure, to keep your business safe and secure.

We design with the run in mind

We're cloud automation experts and we understand exactly what it takes to manage and continually optimise systems and infrastructure in life. We’ll be by your side, viewing and managing your clouds as a single, flexible infrastructure tailored to your needs.

Your cloud journey. Our proven four-stage process.

Competitive Edge is Claranet’s modular professional services framework. Whether you are investigating options at an early stage or starting a new project or programme, we cater for every phase of your cloud journey, wherever you currently are, through:.

  • Discovery and assessment
  • Architecture and high-level design
  • Application workload transformation
  • Data Centre transformation

Competitive edge

Competitive edge framework

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