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Managed WAN

When weighing up all of the benefits of MPLS and SD-WAN, the decision doesn’t need to be a choice between one or the other.

Choosing the right WAN architecture is critical to the success of your business

Get the right technical and commercial solution

You may be in the process of migrating to the cloud. You may have chosen to keep some applications at the edge, whilst also utilising SaaS services. Or you may still be evaluating your options. In all of these instances you do not have to make the hard choice of one connectivity type over the other.

Architecture and engineering experts

In addition to managing and continually improving the Claranet network infrastructure, we also play a prominent and active role in the wider technical community. Our engineers actively participate in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), driving industry standards and new features.

Network and Security Experts

Clearly demonstrate to your clients that your network has effective Cybersecurity controls and is protected against common cyber-attack and provides the necessary assurances that you are safe to do business with.