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Claranet. The only company to appear as a leader in both categories

Public Cloud – Solutions and Services

2021 ISG Provider Lens™ Public Cloud – Solutions and Services Report for the U.K.

  • Standout Leader Consulting and Transformational Services for Midmarket
  • Leader Managed Public Cloud Services for Midmarket
  • Rising Star status in the ‘Managed Public Cloud Services for Large Accounts

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2022 ISG Provider Lens™ Cybersecurity – Solutions & Services Report for the U.K.

  • Leader Managed Security Services for Midmarket

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Consulting and Transformation Services for Midmarket Managed Public Cloud Services for Midmarket Managed-Public-Cloud-Services-for-Large-Accounts.jpg
Cybersecurity Solutions and Services

From the 98 companies assessed for this study, Claranet is a standout leader.

The Claranet strengths quoted in the ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report include:

Certification-led expertise: Claranet is one of only 12 companies worldwide that have attained the CREST accreditation for security operations centres. Its SOC staff have BSc, MSc, SANS and Azure certifications. It is working towards CREST certifications for analyst training.

Partnership with key vendors: Claranet has partnered with AlienVault for SIEM and has partnered with SentinelOne and WatchGuard. Through these partnerships, the company offers a strong technology-backed portfolio of managed security services to enterprises. It has experts in each of these solutions to support and advise enterprises.

SOC automation: The company has invested in an SOC in the UK to offer next-generation SIEM services, endpoint protection and network traffic analysis by leveraging the capabilities of AWS, AT&T, SentinelOne and Lacework.

Service providers in this market can handle the entire security incident lifecycle, starting from identification to resolution.

Consulting and Transformation Services for Midmarket

2021 Rising Star

Managed Container Services, Europe

As a first-mover in the Kubernetes space in Europe, Claranet continues to show a strong commitment to the open-source community, both by contributing to projects and releasing its own IP to the public via GitHub. It has contributed to numerous open-source projects such as Kubernetes, Kubespray, Rancher Nutanic Node Driver and Ansible.

ISG Quadrant Report

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ISG defines Leaders as those providers that have a highly attractive service offering and a very strong market and competitive position. They can be regarded as opinion leaders, providing strategic impulses to the market. They are also noted for their innovative strength and stability.

“With its significant pool of subject matter experts in the region, Claranet has established itself as a cloud consulting and transformation services provider specialist.”

Manoj Chandra Jha, Senior Lead Analyst, ISG

“Claranet accelerates enterprise's cloud modernisation journey.”

Manoj Chandra Jha, Senior Lead Analyst, ISG