Data services.

The journey to data transformation begins where you stand today. Whether you have started your journey or it's an entirely new adventure, the Claranet team is here to accelerate your transformation

Our enterprise customers are creating a competitive advantage by using their data to inform their business strategy

What happened?

Descriptive Analytics

  • Past customer behaviours
  • Profitability of products/services
  • Business performance
  • Savings from business tools or processes

What could happen?

Predictive Analytics

  • Predict future trends
  • Personalised customer interactions to drive desired outcome
  • Predict product demand

What should we do?

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Scenario modelling using data insights
  • Make data driven business decisions

“Claranet working in close collaboration with our data engineers has been the secret to such a successful project.”


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Our services

Data Platforms

Build and operate a modern data platform

Data Modelling

Analysing data to gain valuable insights

Data Visualisation

Tell the story through graphical representation

Your data journey. Our proven three stage process

Claranet data experts can help make data your most valuable asset through our tried and tested data journey

“Claranet working in close collaboration with out data engineers has been secret to such a successful project.”


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Come to the experts…

  • Multi-cloud solutions: Azure, AWS, GCP, OCI
  • 80+ data specialists
  • Security and compliance expertise
  • 100+ data services customers
  • 24/7 support
  • Choice of technical architecture and software
  • Automation and Infrastructure as Code
  • Data Scientist support
  • Cost optimisation (FinOps)