Claranet acquire Techgate Plc

In July 2015, Claranet – one of Europe’s leading managed IT services providers – acquired Techgate Plc, the disaster recovery specialist.

With the acquisition, Claranet have gained over 14 years’ expertise and experience in designing and delivering a range of innovative, enterprise-class disaster recovery, backup and business continuity services.

Here are the three main reasons why this is important, and how this can benefit your business. Please also find below Techgate Plc contact details for your ease:

Contact details for Techgate customers:

1) Disaster Recovery is becoming an crucial element of digital business

Can your business function without its critical data, applications and operations?

Probably not. After all, 80% of businesses that are out of action for five days or more go out of business. [1]

Which is why DRaaS, Cloud Backup and Business Continuity are one of the fastest-growing cloud sectors. A quarter of businesses have already deployed some form of cloud-based disaster recovery, while 36% plan to implement one within the next two years. [2]

Techgate’s expertise and experience combined with Claranet’s IT service pedigree and pan-European coverage means that our DR offering is now truly industry-leading.

2) Combined IT services are worth more than the sum of their parts

Spreading different IT services out amongst different service providers can cause problems. Your DR provider might not care if your network provider makes a mistake and vice versa – leaving you stuck in the middle trying to sort out the mess.

A single service provider can provide end-to-end oversight and proactive monitoring and problem resolution across your entire infrastructure, as well as enhanced performance.

Consolidating your Disaster Recovery or Cloud Backup setup, for example, with Claranet’s resilient and reliable core MPLS network means that you can guarantee the safety of your data and applications from from one end of your business to the other, without having to rely on either the public internet, or on the co-operation of numerous competing businesses.

3) Our combined expertise can help you focus on doing amazing things

Techgate values the partnership that they have with their customers and is delighted to be able to extend the scope of what they can offer so that customers can benefit from end-to-end solutions across technologies beyond DR.

It has always been in Techgate’s DNA to join an organisation with a broader portfolio so that their customers can receive the same high standard of service they’ve become accustomed to for DR across more of your ICT, whether on-premise, hosted, hybrid or cloud.

The breadth and depth of the new Claranet portfolio means that there are a whole range of ways of combining IT services to enhance your business. And a whole range of worries to take off your mind.

Our mission

Claranet’s mission is to help its customers do amazing things. We simplify the management of IT services so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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[2] 2015 IDG White paper, Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Emerging as Top Priority