TXM Plant kept responsive with Claranet’s communications solution

Challenge: Connecting multiple sites with an overarching communications solution so that TXM could reliably support its customers wherever they are.

Solution: An agile Hosted Voice solution that connects all the various sites through Claranet's private MPLS network to ensure absolute reliability.

Result: Claranet's communications solution has made TXM Plant incredibly reactive and "indispensable" in disaster recovery situations.

The challenge

Despite an IT team of only two, TXM successfully dominates a capital-intensive industry with over 275 plant machines, worth up to £300,000 each.

TXM needed a communications solution built on a network that allowed it to connect multiple, changing sites with absolute reliability so that it could continue to support its customers wherever they might be. It was also important to the small, but effective IT team that the solution did not require much maintenance so they could concentrate on the smooth running of other areas of their IT estate.

The solution

Claranet enables TXM to respond to dynamic customer demands by supplying an agile Hosted Voice solution, which connects from their headquarters in Milton Keynes to all of their depots through a private MPLS network to ensure reliability of service. This solution has been rolled out to planning teams, operations and depot managers across the UK, helping TXM to optimise its communications.

TXM Plant has eight sites, seven of which have moved in the past few years – all of which are supported by Claranet – and because their Hosted Voice service is accessed from the cloud, moving each site was incredibly straightforward. Not only can they keep their contact numbers, but with no physical private branch exchanges to worry about it cost nothing to make the move and it involved no downtime.

Brian Cook, Global IT Strategic Manager of TXM Group, explained: “We wanted a centralised solution that would work well across multiple sites, where we could control everything centrally without needing to go out to site. This means we save time, money, and as a result, can make changes whenever we want. Claranet’s services keep our communications manageable and efficient, allowing us to do amazing things for our organization.”

Claranet’s services keep our communications manageable and efficient, allowing us to do amazing things"

Brian Cook
Global IT Strategic Manager of TXM Group

The result

Claranet’s solution for TXM Plant proved itself in 2014, when one of the worst storms in recent history launched itself against the Devon coast. Winds approached 90mph and a monster 67ft wave engulfed Dorset, causing 100,000 homes to lose power and 150 properties to be evacuated. Network Rail also experienced heavy damage, losing a 100ft length of rail track along the Dawlish coast to the waves.

With the majority of lines closed due to severe weather warnings and parts of the track destroyed, the situation was extremely difficult. TXM Plant was central in the cleanup of the area and repairing the train lines. Through Claranet’s communications solution, the company was able to bring plant vehicles on-scene at short notice and help repair the track in record time.

Hosting in the cloud with Claranet has made the company indispensable in disaster recovery situations such as along the Dawlish coast. Brian continued: “We were some of the first on site to help repair the railway line, and our quick response time has helped us make a name for ourselves with key contacts in the logistics industry. Our relationship with Claranet has been very important to this recognition. We truly value our long-running partnership and look forward to it continuing far into the future.”

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About TXM Plant

TXM Plant Ltd is the largest supplier of road and rail hire vehicles in the UK, boasting a 30% market share with the most extensive plant fleet in the industry. It has expanded significantly since 2012 when it rebranded from NDS Plant (part of Network Rail) and from Hydrex before that. The company is known in the industry for its reliability and availability, both of which hinge on dependable communications through a central hub. Claranet has been working with TXM Plant over the past 14 years, providing support for their voice services to help the company do amazing things.