Third Financial hires Claranet to provide secure systems

Executive summary

Challenge: Third Financial has created a suite of software, known as Tercero, which enables wealth managers and private banks to deliver real-time investment management, reporting, wealth CRM, compliance oversight and mobile capabilities to their clients, delivered to the internet-connected device of their choice. This required improved performance.

Solution: Claranet's managed hosting solutions have provided Third Financial with the ability to place the Tercero software on to a dedicated managed server helping to improve the stability, reliability and performance of the Tercero platform.

Result: Tercero is now faster, more stable and has removed the worry of associated costs to support it for customers.

"Claranet enables us to provide a much more stable, reliable and high-performance platform for Tercero. It has never run faster or better than it has on Claranet’s platform."
Stewart Foster

How to help customers host software

As Third Financial grew, the company found a key problem: potential clients loved the software and the capabilities it offered, but many did not have the technical ability, infrastructure or willingness to host it themselves.

Third Financial decided to find a technology partner that could provide a secure and resilient managed hosting service for its application suite, and that could enable it to deliver Tercero as a cloud service, rather than one that the clients hosted and managed themselves. After putting out a tender, Third Financial chose Claranet to deliver the managed hosting platform that would best support its software, and its future success.

Ensuring data security

Claranet proposed that Third Financial migrate the Tercero suite onto its Managed Application Hosting platform. The service enables organisations to place its software into one of Claranet’s enterprise-grade, Tier 3 data centres, where it is monitored and managed by Claranet’s expert staff to optimise application performance and availability.

Third Financial migrated its software to Claranet’s Managed Application Hosting service, placing it in a secure, fully-virtualised, dedicated managed server environment based on a best-of-breed managed hosting infrastructure. Claranet takes responsibility for every aspect of the live application environment, including the security of data held within the Tercero applications – a crucial consideration for any financial services firm or end-user.

Compliance is the big issue that wealth managers worry about.
The data is far more secure than it would be if our clients hosted it on their premises. The whole architecture of Claranet’s Managed Application Hosting is designed around security; this makes the service a much easier sell to our clients, and also reassures the regulator.
Stewart Foster
Third Financial’s CEO

Faster and more stable platform

Claranet enables us to provide a much more stable, reliable and high-performance platform for Tercero. It has never run faster or better than it has on Claranet’s platform, which is much more robust than anything our clients could realistically achieve on their own infrastructure.

Third Financial’s customers no longer have to worry about buying expensive third party software licences or hardware, nor do they have the problem of managing and optimising the software, as this is all performed by Claranet. The software can now be provided through a simple log-in to a secure environment that has been pre-loaded with the Tercero suite.

The service also features a pre-production environment where Third Financial can deploy and test upgrades to Tercero before they are rolled out to customers.

Seen as a great success, the new platform is generating half of Third Financial's business revenue, as well as being accessible on mobile devices too.

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