Energy: Big Data and IoT platform that maps energy expenditure

French nugget of energy management software platforms, has chosen Claranet for its outsourcing.

Energisme has set up a platform for local authorities and manufacturers that maps their energy expenditure. To achieve this, the publisher has assembled state-of-the-art technologies and entrusted their outsourcing to Claranet.

The era of energy savings 3.0 has arrived. Since Thierry Chambon and his associates took over the reins in 2015, the energy management software publisher, Energisme, has developed a whole new generation of online platform specialising in consumption monitoring. "Our customers are municipalities, real estate management companies, and manufacturers who need to have a global view of their energy consumption.

Thanks to our platform which shows the behavior of their buildings, they identify the anomalies to be rectified and better anticipate their energy needs in order to purchase it under the best conditions ", explains Thierry Chambon.

In practice, the Energism solution solves the difficulty of comparing by hand the electricity, water or gas readings, traditionally compared on more or less rigorous and quickly obsolete Excel sheets. Here, the online platform is powered by the energy bills that customers pay but also by the information regularly sent to it by connected meters, remote management machines (BMS / GTC) or even exterior and interior thermometers. From the user's perspective, the solution presents in the form of a graphical dashboard to aid decision-making.

In addition to indicating where work would be necessary to limit waste, our platform includes a consumption history which gives the measure of energy oversizing. It should be noted that on average energy suppliers calculate a tariff based on an estimate three times too high. In a few months, our platform has thus become critical in reducing bills

Thierry Chambon

President of Energisme


The challenge: keeping the platform in operation while the activity continues to intensify

Put into production at the end of 2015, the Energisme platform is a meticulous assembly of latest generation technologies. There is a cluster of servers equipped with high performance nVidia GPU computing cards which analyses the information collected in a Cassandra database through virtual machines but also ElasticSearch search servers which are activated as and when there is peaks of activity. The whole system runs on the Azure cloud, i.e. from Microsoft's data centers located, in this case, in the Paris region and in Marseille.

However, since Energisme's core business consists of developing its platform and developing tailor-made environments, the publisher has chosen to rely on a third party to ensure the maintenance of IT resources in production on Microsoft's Azure cloud.

Entrust outsourcing to Claranet to commit to a maximum level of service

Among the service providers met, Energisme will finally entrust the outsourcing of its Azure cloud platform to Claranet. “In an activity as sensitive as ours, it was not a question of working in supplier mode but rather as part of a partnership, hence the choice of Claranet who sent a DevOps team to understand our requirements. and our expectations rather than a catalog of services ”, summarises Thierry Chambon.

The mission entrusted to Claranet since the start of the 2016 school year was threefold. First, the service provider had a preventive role: it analyses the activity on the platform and regularly advises Energisme on the new cogs to be put in place to maintain the availability of applications, whether at Azure, or in the perpetual code, evolution of Energism applications. Claranet also takes care of incident management, in coordination with the technical teams of Energism and Azure, in order to resolve any problem as quickly as possible. Finally, Claranet helps the publisher consume Azure resources at the best price by providing technical adjustments within the platform to avoid wasting virtual machines that are hosted but not used.

Each month, several terabytes of new readings are added to the data already being processed. Our platform must therefore constantly improve to maintain its level of performance and Claranet supports us on how to improve it properly. Without them, we would not be able to commit to an optimal level of service to our customers, which is a fundamental prerequisite in our activity

Thierry Chambon

President of Energisme

The president of Energisme ensures that he has an ambitious roadmap, in particular with the upcoming integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain systems that will further refine the relevance of the energy savings achievable by users. In addition, the platform can communicate with third-party solutions, such as applications used by landlords, to provide more functions. According to Thierry Chambon, these outsourcing needs are not about to stop.

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