Big Data: democratising data and its use by business lines, with Epsilon and Claranet

About Epsilon, Data Driven Agency

Epsilon is an agency of the Publicis Group which puts Data at the heart of its marketing and communication systems. Created in 1986, composed of 300 people, it brings together all the data marketing, CRM, communication and marketing professions: consulting, build and run of IT & Digital platform, customer journey design, Omnichannel creation, Data Management and Data Science. True architect of Customer Knowledge solutions, providing the best tools for integration, management and data recovery. Epsilon supports brands in the design and animation of their omnichannel customer journey and manages nearly 50 platforms (RCU, Datalake, DMP, loyalty programs, e-crm, etc.), some of which are international, for brands such as Renault, Danone, LVMH, Orange, Total, Mercedes, Go Sport, and Courir. (

Collaborative and secure workspaces

This approach allows Epsilon to offer its customers collaborative and secure workspaces, with the objective of quickly testing these new technologies while controlling costs. This model, based on the use of innovative and open-source Hadoop standards, allows the customer to resume work produced. So, Epsilon, through its mastery of business and technological issues, will be able to support it in the operational activation of models and, beyond that, in the implementation of its Big Data platform.


Hosting and outsourcing of Big Data platforms

Claranet has supported Epsilon for nearly 15 years in hosting and outsourcing its Big Data platforms. It is therefore natural that Epsilon chose to be supported by the Claranet Critical Data teams for the outsourcing and configuration of its Big Data platforms. The combination of Epsilon’s business expertise and Claranet’s technical expertise provide our clients with all the assets for success in implementing a Big Data project.

Claranet's Critical Data experts are in charge of the outsourcing of data platforms, and platforms requiring a high level of compliance (hosting of health data, banking data and personal data). Their mission is to use their expertise in security and public cloud aspects, in order to guarantee our customers high levels of service quality, industrialisation, and compliance with the contractual commitments of their platform.

Transform and enhance customer data into activatable data

Epsilon's data business is organised around two areas of expertise: Data Management and Data Science. The Datascience teams are dedicated to exploring all available data in order to analyze and provide models to transform and enhance customer data into actionable data. The Data Management teams deliver industrialised platforms allowing the effective activation of the defined data and models (Segment, Cluster, Score, Recommendation). These two activities require expertise in collecting, processing and exposing this actionable data.

A flexible, scalable and secure model at the service of Big Data

In light of technological developments, Big Data platforms have revolutionised the approach to Data at Epsilon, notably through the multiplication of storage, computation and analysis capacities. Epsilon has equipped itself internally with two Datalakes: a Datalab dedicated to the work of Datasciencists and a datalake dedicated to Datamanagement teams for the development of projects, pilots, and technological monitoring and R&D.

More specifically, in order to allow each Datascientist to have a working environment suited to their resource needs, the Epsilon datalab has been built on a model which is intended to be flexible, scalable, on the basis of shared resources. And this while respecting the partitioning and security rules inherent in the very nature of our projects.