What is IPv6 and why does my business need to know about it?

While IPv4 and IPv6 are parallel technologies, they are independent and incompatible. So if you don’t have an IPv6 network connection, and haven’t considered the effect this may have on your business, you may be caught unaware by a number of issues...
Michel Robert, MD at Claranet UK

You have probably seen the stories in the national press recently forewarning of an impending collapse of the internet. These articles claim that the internet is, quite simply, running out of space, due to the fact that the Internet Protocol format we currently use, IPv4, has been exhausted.

The good news is that, although it’s true that there is a limited supply of the current IPv4 addresses, the internet isn’t about to self-destruct. However, the IT industry is currently conducting a huge back office operation to introduce a replacement system known as IPv6, and it is important for businesses to get up to speed on what all this means for their IT operations.

In his second column for Outsource magazine, Michel Robert, MD at Claranet UK, focuses on the key issues - what is IPv6, and what should businesses know about it.

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Article: Outsourcing IT Q&A: What is IPv6 and why does my business need to know about it?
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