Tech Radar: Claranet launches new private 3G data service

Extract taken from Tech Radar

...Claranet has created a private 3G network designed for small and medium sized businesses who either want a secondary backup connection for branch-offices, or who want to help enable secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) connectivity to their employees.

As well as having a direct connection to the private network for the mobile workforce – delivered through a Claranet SIM card placed in a users device, - Claranet's 3G solution also provides back-up connectivity for fixed office locations via a 3G router that connects directly into Claranet's private network.

Claranet have priced the new system so that there are no start-up charges for using the system to encourage more users to take the system. Claranet describes the new system as "drastically reducing the cost of entry for companies wanting to create secure remote working access for their employees." Additionally, Claranet are also offering flexible short-term contracts with minimum of one month sign up and the service can be installed in hours rather than weeks.

Michel Robert, Managing Director at Claranet UK says:

Our new 3G service is an important part of our offering to a market that is adjusting to the rise of BYOD. CIOs need to be confident that this new mobile way of working will reduce complexity while maintaining the integrity and security of their data. If mobile working or back-up connectivity are not fully integrated with the private network, then IT departments effectively have to run 3G as a separate system. Different levels of security and specific authentication processes are then needed for the rest of their IT platform.

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