Reliability is cornerstone of Claranet’s customer service

Taking pride in what we do and continually improving the service we provide customers are two of the core values which underpin Claranet’s customer service ethos. As part of an ongoing process to take customer feedback and to build this into solid operational improvements, we recently canvassed some of our customers to find out what elements of the Claranet customer service they valued most.

Reliability came top of the list. Of the customers canvassed, the majority said they valued this most – both from the technical service element (network service reliability) and from the operational and service support aspect (service delivery and incident resolution).

Taking this feedback on board, and with the aim of continuing to provide a high-calibre and reliable customer service, Claranet has in the last few months introduced some changes within our Operations department. These include investment in expanding our network infrastructure to ensure, ahead of the Olympics, a reliable platform to cope with the increase in traffic anticipated over this period. In addition, a refinement of roles within our Operational Support teams will help each team focus on what they are good at – from incident resolution, change management, to data centre activities (build activities, data centre access, and in-/out-bound logistics).

As these refinements begin to come into place from July onwards, customers will begin to see the benefit of these additional service improvements.