Press release: Claranet to showcase Virtual Data Centre at Cloud Expo Europe

  • Managed services provider offers live demo of its self-service hypervisor-agnostic cloud service
  • Market intelligence firm Cogenta named among first paying customers for Claranet VDC

Visitors to Cloud Expo Europe will get a public look at Claranet’s new Virtual Data Centre, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering that enables users to self-provision their own virtual data centre at the click of a mouse, and is designed to meet the demands of the modern enterprise and mid-sized businesses.

The service gives IT managers total control of their computing resources through a self-service portal that enables full visibility and management of their cloud compute, storage and networking resources. Claranet’s Virtual Data Centre also features fully integrated private networking to deliver high performance computing resources directly into a business’s wide area network.

Claranet will be giving live demonstrations of the new service at Stand 431, where customers can set up their own virtual data centre in just a couple of minutes, and discover how VDC can simplify their IT infrastructure.

The service is the result of Claranet’s exhaustive research into users’ business needs and concerns about migrating to the cloud, with the company having surveyed 300 senior IT decision-makers across a range of industries.

Michel Robert, Claranet’s UK Managing Director said:

Our research has highlighted that users have three major concerns: about data security, especially where data resides; about reliability; and finally, ease of migration and vendor lock-in. Claranet’s Virtual Data Centre meets these concerns head on.

The VDC physical infrastructure is built on best-of-breed, enterprise-grade technology, and hosted in tier-3 equivalent data centres to ensure the highest possible availability. All users, applications and data always reside in the customer’s chosen country, to reflect data ownership and sovereignty concerns, while the entire platform is hypervisor-agnostic, to facilitate migration and eliminate the threat of vendor lock-in. Finally, VDC is fully integrated with Claranet’s network so users can connect to their cloud with their own private wide area network, without having to rely on the public internet – or a third party – for connectivity.

Since the service launched last month, Claranet has seen very enthusiastic feedback, with numerous customers requesting to trial the service, and launch customers already on board including market intelligence firm Cogenta, providers of real-time pricing data to the UK’s biggest retailers.