Outsource: Enterprise vs mass market cloud

Cloud computing has dominated the IT agenda of late and is set to continue grabbing headlines with the recent introduction of iCloud and similar consumer services to the market. For business leaders reading the news, though, it can be hard to distinguish that most stories are about mass market clouds, and not enterprise-specific clouds.
So what? Surely the issues that affect mass market clouds affect enterprise clouds too? Well, the answer is yes and no - but most importantly, not knowing the differences between the two can cost an organisation money and cause much hassle. Michel Robert, MD at Claranet UK, clarifies the differences between the two in the next of his columns in Outsource magazine.

The key to making the right decision for your company when outsourcing to the cloud lies in remembering that there is a lot more choice in the cloud market than you might think from reading the news. Companies that have just looked at mass market services and decided that the cloud is not for them should reconsider. In reality, the cloud market is rapidly changing, highly differentiated and very competitive with services to meet all sorts of business requirements. Companies should keep a close eye on the evolution of cloud services and not shy away from testing different services to ensure they are making the right choice. Michel Robert, MD at Claranet UK

Article Enterprise vs mass market cloud
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