New Clara Max Homeoffice protects businesses from home-working threats

New Clara Max Homeoffice protects businesses from home-working threats

Single Private Network secures teleworkers

Claranet, the Managed Services Provider that develops, supports and manages communication and information technology for business, protects businesses from teleworking security threats with the launch of its new Clara Max Homeoffice service.

There are now more than 3 million Britons working from home; triple the figure of a decade ago. Homeworking presents a variety of security threats, not least that a homeworker's PC acts as an access point to sensitive data. Not only can home-stored data be accessed by other members of the household, including children; they are also more susceptible to viruses as they rarely have the same rigorous security systems employed by businesses. Nor do homeworkers have instant access to a company's IT department and so will be unable to receive the latest security updates.

With Clara Max Homeoffice, businesses can host sensitive business-critical applications and data which staff can access securely over Claranet's next generation Virtual Private Network (VPN:ng). Claranet's VPN:ng is a completely secure and distinct MPLS network that does not touch the public Internet in any way, ensuring that only those with access to the network can view confidential information.

Clara Max Homeoffice provides the same level of security as traditional IP security measures, but with several key advantages. There are none of the performance and configuration overheads of traditional IPSec solutions. The service also enables businesses to add home workers onto an existing private network, joining the home and office in a seamless and secure connection. Everything is on a 100 per cent private network from the start, with no need to implement additional client software on users' machines.

Speed is assured through the use of the latest high-speed rate-adaptive DSL technology which enables home workers to connect with the network at speeds of up to 8 megabits per second (mb/s). The system is designed with individual home workers in mind, who tend to use less bandwidth than entire offices. To reflect this, customers only pay a flat fee for monthly usage below 10 gigabytes.

Two thirds of workers want to work flexibly, but many enterprises are rightly concerned by the threat of providing telecommuting staff access to sensitive data. With Clara Max Homeoffice, businesses can be reassured that remote access to sensitive data will have the best possible protection.

Because business-critical applications and data are hosted and managed by Claranet, businesses know that not only is their sensitive information secure, but that we will ensure that applications have the highest possible levels of performance and availability.

We believe that work is something you do, not something you travel to. Clara Max Homeoffice brings the office into the home, it cuts commuting time, and leads to greater productivity and a reduced impact on the environment.

Martin Saunders, Product Manager, Claranet Group

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About Claranet

Claranet was established in 1996 as a dial-up Internet access provider in the UK. The company's sustained profitability has resulted in continuous reinvestment, transforming Claranet into a multi-national managed service provider.

Today Claranet provides flexible and tailored network infrastructure that performs to the requirements of its 300,000 customers across six European countries and the US. Claranet customers have confidence in their connectivity. They are served by experienced, innovative and dependable technicians.

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About Martin Saunders

Martin is an expert in product management for the Internet sector. He successfully product managed the UK's first 8Mb ADSL broadband product and the first symmetrical broadband product.

He has over a decade's experience in the Internet industry and has been highly influential in the rapid development of business and residential Internet communications.

Prior to joining Claranet, Martin managed AOL's Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) strategy, leading the migration of over 200,000 AOL customers from BT's network to their own.

As Claranet's Group Product Manager, Martin oversees the deployment of new products, processes and procedures to serve customer requirements.

He was recently responsible for launching Claranet's revolutionary VPN:ng service that enables users to build a cost-effective and dependable private network.