VIA NET.WORKS Portugal changes name to Claranet

VIA NET.WORKS Portugal has changed its name to Claranet, assuming total integration within the Claranet Group, one of Europe's leading independent Internet Service Providers. Claranet acquired VIA NET.WORKS Portugal in July 2005. Prior to this, VIA NETWORKS Inc had acquired Esoterica S.A, the first private ISP in Portugal, in May 1999.

Since July 2005, when the business agreement was signed, the two companies' integration has been seamlesss, resulting in a portfolio of products and services, with upgraded characteristics and functionalities.

During these months, VIA and the Claranet Group have been real partners, ensuring their customers receive top quality services and solutions. Now, it is time to change our brand name to Claranet and present ourselves in the Portuguese market with a new name, a new business strategy and establish coherent communication in line with the group guidelines. We are extremely pleased to be a part of this group, a leader in the business IP solutions market. Companies will now have a strong provider, with comprehensive experience, resources, and unmatched technical support, catering to all their communication and Internet requirements.António Miguel Ferreira, General Manager of Claranet Portugal

Charles Nasser, CEO of Claranet adds:

VIA, now Claranet Portugal, acquires considerably new resources, technology and know-how. Claranet Portugal will be able to better address the growing needs of the Portuguese companies, that regard Internet as a way of creating new business opportunities, raising their efficiency and competitiveness. Claranet Portugal will remain committed to the excellence of client service, aiming for total satisfaction of the specific needs of companies who need a long term partner, to take advantage of the whole potential that Internet provides to the growth of their business.

In terms of future goals, Claranet will ensure continuous innovation, in order to provide more value to their customers and maintain excellent financial performance. With more than 180,000 customers in the public and private sectors and over one million home users throughout Europe, Claranet's main goal is to maintain strong organic growth, keeping pace with the growing needs of its customers.

With the announcement of the new name and the re-branding of the company's image, Claranet Portugal also changed the name of the technical Data Centre, a new specially conceived facility, and their office to Parque das Nações. The company is also expected to launch several new hosting services, Virtual Private Networks and VoIP solutions. The new company headquarters is now:

Edifício Parque Expo Av. D. João II, 1.07-2.1, R/C 1998-014 Lisboa