VIA NET.WORKS Netherlands becomes Claranet Benelux

Full integration now completed Effective June 22nd 2006, VIA NET.WORKS Netherlands has changed its name to Claranet Benelux. The company has been part of Claranet Group since July 12th 2005. The name change is the final step in completely integrating it into the Claranet Group.

Since becoming part of Claranet in 2005, the Dutch operation has invested in the quality of its services and the footprint of its network, achieving full operational integration with the Claranet Group earlier this year, including integration of the Dutch network into Claranet's international MPLS network. This gives the company a solid foundation for the development of new services and addressing new market segments.

According to the Commercial Director, Chris Voets:

The synergies with the Group allow us to offer Claranet services to internationally oriented organizations in the Dutch market. In order to make this capability visible to our customers we are adopting the strong Claranet brand in the Netherlands."

Claranet Benelux will continue to focus primarily on the mid-sized business segment within the Dutch market. However, the international dimension means that Dutch customers can benefit from Claranet's capabilities across Europe. Likewise, customers of Claranet companies in other countries will also benefit from the services offered in the Netherlands. The "Benelux" in the company's new name signifies its ability to provide connectivity in Belgium as well, and points towards possible future expansion into the Belgian market.

The partner channel will continue to be a cornerstone of Claranet Benelux's sales strategy.

Chris Voets adds:

Customers demand solid and honest advise from their IT suppliers with whom we partner. Partner relations can only be sustained if they are based on quality and trust. We continue to develop our services while aspiring to a level of quality worthy of the Claranet name!

About Claranet

Claranet Group was founded in the UK in 1996 is one of Europe's leading independent IP service providers. With operations in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the USA, Claranet provide a comprehensive portfolio of business communication services including: domain name registration, virtual private networks, managed infrastructure, network security, web hosting, managed and dedicated services and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

More information: Visit or, or contact Claranet Benelux on the telephone numbers shown below. Commercial Director Chris Voets +31 40 239 3393 or +31 646 382777 Managing Director Nathan Wajsman +31 40 239 3393 or +31 630 868671