MicroScope: Gartner calls time on peak of cloud hype

Extract taken from MicroScope

Cloud computing has passed the peak of inflated expectations and is heading for the trough of disillusionment with BYOD a little bit behind still at the top of the hype cycle.

The phrases and the positioning come from Gartner which has issued its latest hype cycle for emerging technologies with the peak and trough then followed by the slope of enlightenment and then the plateau of productivity.

Right at the bottom of the trough is hosted virtual desktops and cloud computing has some way to go until it has passed out of the bottom dip on the hype cycle.

But the channel is already aware of the changing reaction to the cloud on the ground with some no longer using that phrase when pitching hosting services.

"The Gartner report is correct to place cloud in its picturesquely-named 'trough of disillusionment', but it's hardly news that the initial burst of expectation in cloud has subsided," said Michel Robert, managing director of Claranet.

"Before we launched our Virtual Data Centre service in 2011, we conducted extensive research into users' concerns about the cloud. The poll of 300 senior IT decision makers found that there were still substantial worries about data sovereignty, security and reliability issues with the cloud computing," he added.

He said the hope of Gartner placing cloud in the rough of disillusionment was that it would spur some activity by the industry: "to improve their services and, just as importantly, to communicate them to the public".

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