The increasing importance of network availability to your business

VPN and Internet connectivity provide much more than an online presence and access to facebook for procrastinating employees. As core business functions look to utilise IP connectivity to provide cost optimisation, functionality and revenue growth, the importance of a stable, available network connection dramatically increases. Even a 30 minute outage can have a significant impact on the revenue and productivity of a business.

Highly available connectivity services usually involve high costs, limiting options available to smaller businesses, branch offices and home workers. When broadband connectivity was introduced into the UK, resilience was provided through narrowband services such as Dial-Up and ISDN, but over time increases in bandwidth requirements made this technology obsolete.

There are options available, with cost-effective high availability services such as Copper Ethernet or alternatively high levels of service minimalising the time it takes to get your broadband service restored. While these are effective, they’re not a direct replacement for cost-effective resiliency.

Identifying this as a major problem, Claranet has spent the last 12 months working towards engineering a service that fits the growing needs of businesses. Keep your eyes peeled on the newsletter, website and twitter over the coming weeks to see what we’ve got in store.