Hypervisor agnostic strategy sets Claranet apart in mid-market

Claranet has attained Premier status within the VMware Service Provider partner programme. We are now one of a handful of organisations, that can truly claim to be hypervisor agnostic as Claranet also have the new designation Microsoft Partner – Gold Hosting. This combination delivers the highest level of certification available for the best virtualisation technology solutions on the market today.

VMware Premier partners are recognised as the most qualified, earning the highest level of benefits, sales and marketing support from VMware itself. Premier partners are also better prepared for the rapidly changing virtualisation landscape by having access to new releases earlier and by having a closer working relationship with VMware than less experienced competitors.

Martin Saunders, Product Director, Claranet, stated: VMware established its Service Provider Programme to allow Service and Hosting Providers such as Claranet to use VMware virtualisation solutions in a way that aligns with our business model. This has created a host of new opportunities for us to offer virtualisation enabled solutions, applications and services for our customers and sets the foundation for greater profitability and success.

Furthermore, given our new designated status with Microsoft we can now rightly claim that we can offer our customers a hypervisor agnostic solution for cloud based applications, meaning that there is no technology lock-in. This is integral to our forward looking product strategy and service, “ he continued.

Our relationships with both Microsoft and now VMware truly sets us apart from the majority of suppliers in the market. Being able to offer a differentiation in service offering and no vendor lock-in via our hypervisor agnostic strategy, we believe we bring a credible solution, one built on trust, to the mid-market.